Allies Always Lie

Alies Always Lie (Post Hardcore) - Salt Lake City, Utah

Allies Always Lie is a Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band from SLC, Utah.

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"Dr. Awkward" Single Review
Allies Always Lie are a Post Hardcore band from Utah who last year released their "Dr. Awkward" single to much anticipation. Let's dive in and see what all the hype is all about with these guys. The single introduces itself by way of a heart pounding build before exploding into a wrecking ball of a breakdown. The vocals kick in and immediately it's brought to your attention that they're not messing around. The melodic chorus (without clean vocals) bring to mind the Melodic Hardcore sound. The track then leads back into a destructive nature by way of breakdowns and chaos. There's a nice mix of melody and heaviness on the track that helps set themselves apart from the pack. The end breakdown will cause the ground to split apart, it's incredibly heavy. It's a top notch single from an up and coming band you should keep your eyes and ears on.

Allies Always Lie have a beautifully crushing, melodic masterpiece with "Dr. Awkward".