Amber Architect

Amber Architect (Hard Rock) - Sydney, Australia

Amber Architect are a four piece heavy rock band from Sydney, Australia. Forming at Macquarie University in 2015 they take to the stage giving out a sound with a passionate determination that screams out to the hearts of all rockers. When it's 'go hard or go home' they give it their all.

Upcoming Shows:
11/3/17 - Vic On The Park Hotel - Marrickville, Australia

"Demo" EP Review
In 2016, Amber Architect released a demo EP that features two original tracks and two covers. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. "Over" right from the get go has a driving force behind it by way of its riffs and instrumentation. The track swirls around the Rock music drain until eventually injecting vocals a quarter of the way in. The fast pace of the track keeps things running smoothly and really keeps the energy at a high clip. It almost has a tinge of Punk to it and really blows the doors off with ts tremendous guitar solo later on. Overall, the track is is an outstanding opener. "She Looks So Perfect" is a 5 Seconds Of Summer cover and the band puts their spin on it. There's a "lighter in the air" quality to the track and the band really brings that sound to the forefront. "Ubar" is a gem of a track. It's hard, fast, gritty and really cranks everything to 11. The sound is old school but still has that modern edge as well. It dips down to beautiful melody a little bit in before building itself back up. Everything you'd want to know about how talented the band is, is included in this seven minute epic track. The cover of The Cure track "Boys Don't Cry" rounds out the EP. The twist on the track comes by way of their signature high energy. They really know how to churn out some incredible covers and awesome originals. We can't wait to hear more music from them!

Amber Architect introduce themselves to the Rock world with two originals and two covers.