Anever (Metalcore) - San Jose, California

Founded in the summer of 2015, Anever is a 5-piece metalcore band from Morgan Hill, CA. On August 30, 2015, they released their debut EP 'Ignite' under the name Skypark. Their sophomore self-titled EP was released on September 16, 2016.

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"King Of Nothing" Single Review
California Metalcore band Anever are back with their newest offering "King Of Nothing" single. Let's see how it fares in the current climate of Metalcore. The track builds and takes off with a huge breakdown to set things off proper. The lead into the chorus is massive and transition into the clean sung, melodic chorus which helps elevate the track to new heights. It kicks back immediately into another breakdown to destroy the senses. The verse and chorus are highly infectious and super easy to sing along to. The track then dips down and weaves back up into a high flying act between Metal and Hardcore. The chorus kicks back in and digs deep into the melodic tendencies before giving away to the Metal riffs to close out the track. This track is an incredible single for fans of Melodic Metalcore.

Anever bring the Metalcore ruckus with their new "King Of Nothing" single.

"Anever" EP Review
Anever released their newest "Anever" EP back in September and with a reputation for having a fierce metalcore bite, we had to let everyone know what the EP is all about. "Intro" opens up the EP with an almost industrial instrumental. The next track "Borders" just eviscerates everything. The brutality mixed with melody is on full display and everything works perfectly. The synth on the track adds a layer of depth. It's such an explosive track and will surely be a fan favorite. "Who We Are" has some early Slipknot influences here and there. There's no clean singing on the track as it's very straight forward, in your face metal throughout its three and a half minute length. "Dead To Me" is the next track and brings with it a metalcore ballad type sound. The influences here are Asking Alexandria and maybe even a little Bullet For My Valentine. The track has breakdowns for days but will get listeners singing along to its highly melodic choruses. "Worst Of Ways" opens with a great guitar riff before erupting into an As I Lay Dying influenced track. The track is filled with catchy melody, breakdowns, and awesome metallic riffs. We can't get enough of this song! "Heavy Hearts" brings the rawkus with a ton of melody and devastation. It'll surely get the pit moving with its high octane sound. "Absolution" closes up the EP and doesn't hold anything back. There's a ferocity on the track that is unmatched and every fan of metalcore should check out this EP right away.

Anever pushes the "borders" of modern metalcore with their fantastic new EP.