As Cowards Wake

As Cowards Wake (Metalcore) - Norwich, UK

Norfolk based metalcore band combining rare aggressive and clean female vocals with catchy melodies and heavy riffs.

Upcoming Shows:
4/2/17 - B2 - Norwich, UK
5/13/17 - B2 - Norwich, UK

-Review- "A Future Stained By The Past" EP
As Cowards Wake are a female fronted band from the UK that will soon be releasing this EP (May 20). Let's get a sneak peek of it and see what they have in store. "Within Me" immediately kicks things off with an extreme dose of driving melody along with some melodic metalcore instrumentation which would make Killswitch Engage proud. Once the breakdowns come in, it's the equivalent of a swift kick to the face. It's confided brutality at its finest. "One More Life" will bring comparisons to Bullet For My Valentine's "Tears Don't Fall" with its subdued nature before exploding into a storm of emotion, passion and melody. The track is simply outstanding. "I Give Up" is the lead single off the EP and closes it out perfectly. The sound on the track features melodic riffs and may well be the heaviest of the three tracks. The guitar solo on the track is out of this world! The clean singing (and some harsh screams) throughout the EP mixes perfectly with the metal instrumentation and creates such a whirlwind of catchy devastation that every listener will be yearning for more. May 20th cannot come soon enough for this impressive EP.

As Cowards Wake have delivered a three track EP that blasts the doors off the metalcore scene. They have something truly special here with this EP.