Ayo (Rock) - Houma, Louisiana

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Ayo was formed in mid 2013. A collection of veterans of the south Louisiana music scene, they began writing their first EP called "The Vision". Debuting songs such as Suffocate, Misery Loves Company, Pieces, to the title track Visual Poetry they began to make their mark on the music world. Drawing on the stylistic influences of Muse, to progressive metal bands such as Rush and Dream Theater.

Upcoming Shows:
6/3/17 - House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA
7/7/17 - Twist Of Lime - Metairie, LA

"Borrowed Time" EP Review
The band Ayo from Louisiana have recently put out this five track EP and fans of rock music will surely get a kick out of it. The single "Sticks And Stones" opens up the EP and does so in grand fashion. The track is a fantastic showcase of what the band is about. The progressive feel combined with the radio friendly hooks make this a stand out opener and single. "Visual Poetry" begins with a softer synth laden introduction before breaking into a rock ballad sound. The track might be a tad slower than the opener but it's still packed full of emotion and passion that pulls at the heartstrings at the listener. "Suffocate" kicks off with a piano intro before erupting back into the radio rock that was present on "Sticks And Stones". The uplifting track is a hit in the making and doesn't hold anything back. "Otherside" has a more prog rock feel to it as it knows when to pick up the pace and when to slow it down. It sets things up perfectly for the closer "Borrowed Time". "Borrowed Time" has an epic rock ballad feel to it. The track wraps up the EP perfectly and unfortunately as the track says "this is the end". Five tracks is nearly not enough.

Ayo's "Borrowed Time" EP hits the mark with five tracks of radio friendly progressive rock.