B.I.V (Melodic Metal) - Springfield, Missouri

B.I.V is an American melodic heavy metal band from Springfield, MO. The band was founded in January of 2014 by guitarist Chris Stika, former guitarist Daniel Oldham, and former keyboardist Chayilah Oldham. After a few lineup changes, and a temporary hiatus, the band consists of vocalist Baden Page, guitarists Chris Stika and Justin Flood, bassist Lex Weiss, keyboardist Sarah Cornell, and drummer Daniel Mottl. They successfully released their first self-titled E.P. on April 1st, 2017, and released a music video for the single “SHE” on April 5th, 2017. Their sound has been described as “unique and irrational melodic metal, like a rose blossoming from the ash of a war zone" . They have had the pleasure to share the stage with such national and international acts as: Gemini Syndrome, Monuments, So This Is Suffering, Wrath of Vesuvius, Polyphia, Stitched Up Heart, Hell or Highwater, Of Tyrants. Footage of a Yeti, and were featured on the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue tour stop in Springfield.

Upcoming Shows:
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"B.I.V" EP Review
B.I.V (short for Born In Violence) are a Melodic Metal band from Missouri who recently released this three track EP. They also had a music video released for their single (and first track on the EP) "She". "She" kicks right into high gear with fast riffs and even harder Metal tendencies. The track has a driving force behind it by way of the incredible vocals and melodic Industrial tones. There's an early Chimaira influence to it overall. "Drowning In Fire" continues the Metal onslaught. From the opening blistering breakdown, you know they're not going to be messing around. The dark Industrial atmosphere of the track is amazing and helps give it that depth that few Metal tracks have nowadays. The soaring vocals combined with the building melodic riffs really help it veer into Metallica territory. "Malevolence" starts off slow but builds by way of piano and eventually erupts into a synth laden Metal breakdown. The track is an epic closer that wraps things up perfectly. The guitar solo on the track is out of this world! The end goes off the rails in such a good way that it'll help the listener remember for quite some time the name B.I.V. There's so much contained in the three tracks that it honestly feels like more than just three tracks. The sky is the limit for B.I.V and every fan of Metal needs to hear this EP right now!

B.I.V serve up a dish of Melodic Metal with a touch of Industrial that'll satisfy your appetite for fresh Metal.