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"I'm All I Need" Single Review
Brother & Wolf are an Alternative Rock band from the UK who made waves last year with their ultra catchy "Electric City" single. Their follow up single "I'm All I Need" is out so let's dive in and see if they can sustain the buzz. Right from the get go the synth sound is in the forefront to help build the audio canvas. The vocals kick in and not too long ago is the signature Brother & Wolf sound. The synth riddled Alternative Rock that they have is something truly special. The verse builds into an uplifting chorus that is catchy as hell. The track is a highly infectious romp that encompasses the trademark Brother & Wolf sound perfectly. There's a guitar solo near the end of the track which transitions into a mini subdued breakdown before erupting into the exhilarating chorus. There's a rare trait that Brother & Wolf has and that's the ability to make incredibly catchy songs that get stuck in your head for days and days.

Brother & Wolf's follow up to "Electric City" single is here and does not disappoint.

-Video Interview- (1/23/17)