Burn The Adversary

Burn The Adversary (Metalcore) - Illinois

A Metalcore band from Illinois, we have our EP Desolation & Rebirth coming out soon!

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"Opheliac" Single Review
Burn The Adversary's newest single "Opheliac" has been out for a bit now and is the first single off their forthcoming "Desolation & Rebirth" EP. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. The track opens up in crushing fashion with some slight synths, breakdowns galore and just pure devastation. There's some slight clean vocals on the track but the overpowering Metalcore sound takes over not too long after. The guest on the track Dani Nelli of Upon This Dawning does a fine job adding depth to the track. It's a two and a half minute long track that ups the ante on the Metalcore genre. Their "Desolation & Rebirth" EP is coming soon to keep your eyes and ears on Burn The Adversary.

Burn The Adversary come out swinging with their "Opheliac" single.