Cadence Calling

Cadence Calling (Metalcore) - Toronto, Canada

We are a Metalcore band from Toronto Canada. Debut EP 'Metamorphosis' OUT NOW! Check the page for updates, shows, and new music!

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"Metamorphosis" EP Review
Canadian Metalcore band Cadence Calling are set to unleash new music very soon, but in the meantime let's look back to their 2014 "Metamorphosis" EP and see what they're all about. The opening track "The Fated" delivers a swift kick to the eardrums as it erupts with a brutal Metalcore sound. The earth shattering breakdowns along with the phenomenal guitar work make this a truly outstanding opener. The title track "Metamorphosis" comes in like a hurricane and sets to destroy everything in its path. The track brings to mind August Burns Red or even early Parkway Drive in its destructive nature and melodic riffs. "The Fear Complex" opens with a ferocious breakdown and doesn't let go of the jugular. It bares its teeth with its high energy pace and sinks its teeth in with its explosive breakdowns. It's a track that'll have the live crowd moving in the pits in no time. The riff-tastic track shouldn't be missed. "Post Mortem" kicks off while featuring some fantastic drum work along with a sound that could be comparable to Bury Tomorrow. The track is heavy, fast and simply is hard as nails. The closing track "More Than Me" continues the Metalcore onslaught. The track has a more melodic feel to it but never veers into clean vocal territory. It's a bouncy Metalcore track that is sure to get the listeners adrenaline going sky high. These five tracks are an incredible start and we honestly can't wait to hear more from Cadence Calling. If you're a fan of Metalcore, keep your eyes and ears out for this upstart band.

Satisfy your hunger while you wait for new Cadence Calling music by jamming to this excellent EP.