Children Of Seraph

Children Of Seraph (Metal) - Tacoma, Washington

Children of Seraph™ is a Heavy Metal band from Tacoma Washington with one thing on their mind: to bring back the passion and intensity into modern metal, while also being unique and creating their own legacy in the metal world. With clean and powerful vocals, dynamic drumming, pounding bass, fierce guitar work, symphonic keys, and Classical and Blues guitar duels that would remind someone of the Rust In Piece era Megadeth, CoS knew what they wanted to do and set out to seize their destiny. Children of Seraph was formed by guitarist Nathanyel Nieves in February of 2013. Though it took almost a whole year to find members that would fit his musical style and dreams, he eventually got things going by December of 2013. The band played a few shows starting out strictly as a more 80's glam type of metal band, but Nathanyel wanted to achieve more than just a generic 80's glam band ripoff. He began studying classical music, added the keyboard to his music and started to slowly change the direction of the band into a Power Metal band. Nathanyel, also being a huge gamer, decided that he also wanted to add in influences from his favorite video game music to help his band stand out more. Around September of 2014, Nathanyel realized that his band members were not as dedicated as he was and that they were holding him back. He then decided to find new members for CoS that would put in the same amount of effort as he was. He then went out to recruit new members. He recruited singer Collazo, bassist Will Bennett, second guitarist Xabier Alesander, drummer Christopher Hosick and Devils of Loudun keyboardist Ben Velozo to form an epic line up that stood out in the Seattle music scene.

Upcoming Shows:
12/9/17 - Tony V's Garage - Everett, WA

"Warriors Of Light" Album Review
Children Of Seraph are a Power Metal band from Tacoma, Washington that incorporates video game and classical music influences. They recently just got back from a month long tour of Europe. "Metal Face" kicks things off with riffs galore and symphonic tendencies to appease the power metal fan straight from the start. The track is in your face and as the title suggests, it's metal that's in your face. "Sleeping Song" chugs along at a more subdued pace but still packs a punch. There's a controlled chaos on the track that really shines through. "Rainbow Road" is six minutes full of pure Metal. There's so much depth packed in the track. It's an outstanding track that brings to mind Dragonforce or Iced Earth. "Springwood Slasher" is an upbeat jaunt through the landscape of Power Metal. It rushes through with the whirlwind of sound that shows an influence of Hammerfall or even Iron Maiden. It's a top notch track. "Seraph's Awakening" is a perfectly concocted near instrumental track. There's very minimal vocals and it overall the track sounds like it'd be perfect for a climax from a video game. "Decapitator" is a driving track that'll get the listener sucked in and singing along in no time. The track has a ton of layers and is a good example of how talented the band is. "Defenders" is the shortest track on the album but still carries the flag of the true Children Of Seraph sound boldly. The track marches forward and doesn't let up. The closer "Warriors Of Light" is an epic journey through the world of Children Of Seraph. They don't hold anything back on the ten and a half minute track. If you're a fan of Metal, give the album a listen and you will find something to enjoy.

Children Of Seraph have an EP here that has the power of a thousand freight trains barreling towards you full speed. Power Metal lives on!