Courier (Melodic/Progressive Metalcore) - Farmington, New Mexico

We are a Melodic/Progressive Metalcore band from Farmington, NM.

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"Seasons" EP Review
Courier are a Progressive/Melodic Metalcore band from New Mexico who recently released this five track EP. Let's dive right in and see what they're all about. "Illusions" opens things up with a slow build before erupting into a ferocious breakdown to get it started. The track then kicks into high gear and features cleaning singing in its chorus. It's easy to get hooked into its infectious chorus and hard as nails breakdowns. "New Beginnings" wastes no time and brings the audio carnage right away. The track brings to mind Bury Tomorrow and their Melodic Metalcore tendencies. The heavy instrumentation mixed with the melodic chorus is perfect and should have fans of the genre getting attached without any issue. "Reform" is a no holds barred Metalcore track that is akin to the earlier sound of Bring Me The Horizon. It's brash, raw and really brings the intensity up a few notches. "Interlude" is a minute long atmospheric track that is both soothing and the calm before the storm of the closing title track "Seasons". The closer "Seasons" is the lead single off the EP and easily proves why. The track is fast, heavy and features enough clean melody that it'll make the live crowd sing along and slamdance in no time. It's a shining light as the last track and sets things up for even bigger things.

Courier have an incredibly heavy and melodic EP here that any Melodic Metalcore fan will surely enjoy.