Crown The Mushroom

Crown The Mushroom (Alternative Rock) - East London, UK

Hailing from East London this brand new Experimental Alternative Rock band is set to blow your mind. The band formed in 2013 and just enjoyed jamming together in rehearsal rooms and then decided to take it further, then their fun pass time became a big passion in their lives. Each member has their own unique style as they all have different musical influences which brings an awesome dimension to their music. There have been many members of the band over the years but 3 have remained the same, Devon Wallace (the founder and lead guitarist) Daryl Staggs (drummer) and Davina Legall (lead Vocals) and now armed with Alfie Hart on bass things will only get better. During their progress their sound has changed over and over again and continues to. Compared to their first self titled EP they have a much grungier and bluesy sound on 'Wheres Jonny?' and their latest EP Trilogy has a combination of styles from grunge to ambient. The Trilogy EP was also a bold new move for them as they decided to record it live at The Arches rehearsal rooms with Ray Hage. Now that CTM have found their feet they continue to be experimental and try new things.

"We have come to rock so we hope you guys enjoy rocking with us".

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"Trilogy" EP Review
Crown The Mushroom are a female fronted Rock band from East London, UK who released this EP late last year. Strap in and let's take a ride and see what they're all about. "Acid Groove" is just that. It's an opening 27 second riff that'll get the toes tapping along to its groove. "Acid Junkie" continues the groove and adds a slight Grunge sound to it. The track brings to mind the Rock brilliance of the band Garbage. "Get This" is a slow methodical track that sinks its teeth in once the chorus hits shortly into the track. A music video was shot for the track which can be seen above. It's a top notch single and really shows the range of the band perfectly. The guitar solo on the track is absolutely breathtaking. "The Trilogy...The Rise Of Mary Jayne...Are We There Yet?...The Come Down" is a near eight minute track that builds up to a monstrous wall of sound. Once the track comes back down it has a lil diddy of a sound that has that Psychedelic feel to it. The melody on the track is amazing. The instrumentation on the track is off the charts and should be heard right away. As a bonus, the EP caps off with a clean edited version of their single "Get This". Face melting by their unique form of Rock is a possibility so watch out!

Crown The Mushroom blur the lines between Alternative, Grunge and Psychedelic Rock.