Dead Atlantic

Dead Atlantic (Thrashcore) - Baltimore, Maryland

Dead Atlantic is an original American Metal Band (a creative blend of old school thrash metal, hardcore, and modern melodic death metal) from Baltimore, MD that consists of members from Megosh (Revival/Outerloop Records), Apophis, Haddonfield, Vemorrah, and Misdirected.

Upcoming Shows:
10/25/17 - Reverb - Reading, PA w/Motograter
11/17/17 - Mums - Baltimore, MD (Album Release Show)
12/7/17 - Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore, MD

"This Massacre Is Real" Single Review
Dead Atlantic's description reads as that they are "an original American Metal Band (a creative blend of old school Thrash Metal, Hardcore, and modern melodic Death Metal). Their newest single "This Massacre Is Real" has been out for a bit now so let's dive on in and see what they're all about. The track kicks off with a fantastic Metal breakdown. The Thrash influences come in shortly thereafter as the sound takes it to an even higher level. The Hardcore breakdown that follows will get the pit open right away with its intensity. The controlled chaos of the track is admirable and really keeps things restrained until the Killswitch Engage type melodic clean vocals/riffs. The guitar solo is outstanding later in the track and simply shreds. There's an Unearth-esque breakdown that follows that is so destructive, you'd think that they reverted back to their early work. The track closes out in style with a driving force behind it that is rarely seen nowadays in the Metal scene.

Fans of Metal need to hear this fiery new single from Dead Atlantic right now!

-Interview- (7/21/17)