Downhearted (Hardcore) - Omaha, Nebraska

Downhearted is a heavy hitting Hardcore band from Omaha, Nebraska that was formed in February of 2017. The band is quickly gaining ground as strong members of the scene.

Downhearted consists of five members from various backgrounds, contributing to their unique and energetic sound.
Vocalist J.R, and Guitarist Nick come from a popular Hardcore band from Omaha called “Eastwood”.
Guitarist Bronson comes from Southern Hardcore heavy hitters “Varmint” from the Omaha area.
Drummer Tyler comes from the Progressive/Djent band “By the Thousands” out of Minneapolis, and Bassist Jordan comes from a background of Heavy/Progressive music as well.

Upcoming Shows:
2/17/18 - Lookout Lounge - Omaha, NE (Album Release Show)

"Old Gods" Single Review
Nebraska based Hardcore band Downhearted have released their second single from their upcoming EP. The track "Old Gods" is the follow up to their previously released single "United States Of Disgust" (our review here). The second single "Old Gods" starts off with a massive breakdown and is relentless in its intent. The slow sludgy breakdown gives way to the breakneck pace of the circle pit inducing Hardcore sound. The onslaught of breakdowns continues and doesn't give the listener any room to breathe. The track closes out with a slow deliberate sound of an off the rails breakdown. The track is another gem and we can't wait for the rest of the EP to be released very soon!

The new single "Old Gods" from Downhearted bursts at the seams with unbridled brutality.

"United States Of Disgust" Single Review
The Omaha, Nebraska based Hardcore band Downhearted have come from various backgrounds but they are looking to make a dent in the Hardcore scene with their newest single "United States Of Disgust". Let's dive in and see what they're all about. The track kicks off with an audio clip of a former president before erupting into a mosh-tastic breakdown to really set things off right. The circle pit gets flowing next with the whirlwind sound. The track keeps things grooving like a freight train going full speed ahead. The breakdowns are crushing and the track actually takes the intensity up a notch halfway through. The ramping up in intensity results in absolute destruction to close out the track. The single annihilates everything in its path with its crushing Hardcore sound.

Get down and dirty with the newest single from Downhearted.