Ella Kaye

Ella Kaye (Metalcore) - Phoenix, Arizona

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8/18/17 - Club Red - Mesa, AZ

"No Nights" Music Video

"Whisker Vigorous" Music Video

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"No Nights" EP Review
Ella Kaye are a metalcore band from Phoenix, Arizona who previously released their "Comas Collide" EP back in 2015 which featured guest spots from Matt Good (From First To Last), Arron Matts (Betraying The Martyrs), Micheal Barr (Volumes), Alexia Rodriguez (Eyes Set To Kill), Tony Pizzuti & Zack Hansen (The Word Alive), Eric Lambert & Jared Warth (Blessthefall). Now with their newest "No Nights" EP having been released back in July with production/mastering/mixing done by Matt Good (The Word Alive, Memphis May Fire) and featured two new members on drums and guitar, let's dig in and see how their newest EP fares. The single "Needful Things" opens up the EP and thrashes everything right off the bat. The sound of the single is reminiscent of early Parkway Drive and Bury Tomorrow. The unbridled passion and raw emotion of the track is extremely powerful for an opening track. "It's All Deadly" continues the audio onslaught with its signature metalcore sound. The track features a good mix of melody and ferocity without being dull. The breakdown at the end of the track is earth shattering. "Whisker Vigorous" is a driving, melodic track that brings to mind Haste The Day. The track is catchy and will make the melodic metalcore fans happy. "Snake Meat" takes no prisoners with its sound of brutality. The track is the heaviest track on the album as it contains no clean sung vocals. The track beats down the door and really showcases how heavy the band could be. The closer "No Nights" ends things on a more melodic note. The track really shines as a closer and it shows a different side of the band while still incorporating some of their signature sound. It's a truly impressive closer for an extremely well rounded EP.

Ella Kaye's newest EP looks to catapult them to the next level in the world of metalcore.