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Enlighten The Masses (Metalcore) - Colorado Springs, Colorado

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"Her Desolate Conscience" Single Review
Enlighten The Masses are a young Metalcore band from Colorado Springs, CO that late last year released this "Her Desolate Conscience" single. The track is off their upcoming EP so it gives us a taste of what to expect. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. The track starts off with guitar riffs that erupt into a tremendous breakdown that'll get the live crowd moving. The harsh vocals mixed with the dark atmospheric synth in the background create a haunting sound. The breakdowns hit you over the head like a sledgehammer before giving away to melody which is more like the "eye of the storm". When the track kicks back in, it cranks up to 11 as it slowly builds into a magical ending that simply devastates its surroundings. Things are looking very promising for this band and we can't wait to hear more and neither should you. Check them out right now.

Enlighten The Masses gives a glimpse of hope to the world of Metalcore.

-Interview- (5/11/17)