False Witness

False Witness (Metal) - Logan, Utah

Heavy Metal band from Logan, Utah.

Upcoming Shows:
3/2/18 - City Limits Tavern - Provo, UT

"All Becomes Black" Album Review
False Witness are a Heavy Metal band from Utah who recently released this full length to the world. If there's one thing for certain, it's that False Witness aren't messing around. They're a tenacious bunch and are out to prove that they belong in the forefront of the genre. The opening track "This Is Suffering" is a crushing introduction to the world of False Witness. There's a Lamb Of God influence on the track that'll get the blood flowing from the first note to the last. The end breakdown is something to behold. "Unhallowed" will get the circle pits moving. The track has stellar guitar work and ferocious breakdowns that ooze confidence in their sound. It's pure Metal in all the right ways. "War" is a bit subdued at first before erupting into a explosive wall of sound. There's a slight sound of I Killed The Prom Queen and their intensity on the track. It's breakdowns galore and it'll surely get the live crowd moving (especially with the chant near the end). "Demigod" kicks right in and doesn't hold anything back. The track is a driving force that gets the adrenaline flowing with its early Parkway Drive sound. "The Bridge" features a top notch guitar solo along with a devastating Metalcore sound. It's a track that will get eaten up by fans of the genre. It's a perfect example of what the band is made of as it features a ton of depth and showcases their talent perfectly. "Hand of God" features clean vocals and brings to mind We Came As Romans. The track is catchy and fits right in with the Melodic Metalcore fans playlist. "What Cannot Die" is a testament to the Metal genre and will attract fans of blasting drums and driving guitars. It's such an extremely heavy track to get lost in. "All Becomes Black" is the title track off the album and goes straight for the jugular. It's an extreme representation of just how chaotic and heavy their sound is in all the right ways. "Fade Away" brings back clean vocals and it meshes pretty well. The track has shades of both old school Metal as well as more modern Metal. It's unique and definitely deserves a listen. "Still Standing" brings to mind Bring Me The Horizon and even has the modern BMTH arena sound to it. The track is utterly phenomenal! "Surfacing" is a haunting track that has a darkness about it as it blends both melody and heaviness extremely well. "South Of Salvation" closes the album with a starting piano buildup which then leads into a fiery Metal sound. The piano is still prevalent on the track and adds that extra oomph that helps put a bow on the already crushing full length.
-Interview- (4/20/17)

If you're a Metal fan or fan of heavy music, you need to pick up this album right away.