Good Luck Spaceman

Good Luck Spaceman (Alternative Rock) - Trenton, New Jersey

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"Courtyards" EP Review
Good Luck Spaceman are a band from Trenton, New Jersey that mesh together different variations of rock including indie, alternative, psychedelic and emo. Let's dive right in and see how that mix sounds. The opener "Headroom" is an upbeat romp through the fields of alternative rock. The track is only a minute long but really packs a punch with its incredible riffs and mesmerizing vocals. "Autobiography Of Red" takes things down a tad with its sound before erupting into an indie rock sound that has some grit to it. The catchy factor is off the charts since it senselessly mashes together different styles that make it a standout track. "Toxic Shock" has a classic rock feel to it. The guitar effect on the track adds another layer of depth to an already glorious throwback sound. The "Interlude" track features some ambient sound that breaks up the EP naturally and transitions into the next track "Technicolor" pretty nicely. The track takes things up a notch in the energy scale. The high pace mixed with an almost garage/alternative rock sound that makes it hard to ignore. Everything works perfectly on the track and should be heard immediately. The closer "Basement Windows" is a five minute long acoustic track that's filled with passion and emotion. It's an epic closer to an already brilliant EP that's short, to the point and has the goods to get the attention of rock radio.

This recent EP from Good Luck Spaceman should be on every rock fans' radar.