Her Last Letter

Her Last Letter (Post Hardcore) - San Jose, California

Post-Hardcore band from San Jose, CA. Self-Titled Debut EP out now!

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"Her Last Letter" EP Review
Her Last Letter are a young band from San Jose, CA which released this five track EP last summer. In their ranks is Brandon Crawford who also plays for Anever and while Anever is more Melodic Metalcore, Her Last Letter are more melodic and have a Post Hardcore sound to them. Let's dive in and see for ourselves. "Paralyzed" kicks right into high gear with a sound that brings to mind Silverstein and even earlier Underoath. It's a catchy, upbeat track that features smooth melodies with some harsh vocals. There's a guitar solo on the track that'll blow your mind. "Broken Bones" is a wonderful romp through the woods of Post Hardcore. It's a driving track that hits all the right grooves and features a bridge that is chaotic and takes the track to the next level. "Emergency (Blood Money)" has an Alesana vibe to it and as a result is an extremely heavy track with still maintaining its melodic tendencies. The track goes all out and really let's loose. It's a stand out track for sure. "Fight This Infection" takes it up a few notches in the intensity department. It's a track that is filled with melody, heaviness and all sorts of awesome. The end breakdown is absolutely crushing! The closer "No Ambition" is a track that has a Letlive influence to it as it's a whirlwind of emotion. The track does what a closer should do and that's make the listener salivate for more. It's an epic track that closes out an incredible EP.

Her Last Letter puts the Post Hardcore genre on notice with their stellar EP.