Kayotik (Extreme Metal) - Berlin, Connecticut

CHAOS - noun cha·os \ˈkā-ˌäs\
a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.

Since 2006 Dave and Darrin Yardley have been aggressively putting their own stamp on the fertile Connecticut music scene. Producing a mix of old-school, Florida-meets-New York death metal with modern influences, the Brothers Yardley have produced the aural equivalent of razor wire: raw, brutal metal.
2011 saw the release of Kayotik’s debut EP, "Born Through Brutality". Six tracks of blinding intensity, the album garnered the band state-wide notice and staked their claim as CT’s heaviest and most brutal export. Shows with bands like Deicide and Septicflesh only furthered this claim. Fast-forward five years and 2016 brings us the next chapter in Kayoik’s legacy of brutality. The band has added bassist/vocalist Tom Calver to the mix and the first full-length, "Enslaved To Chaos" was unleashed in June 2016. The album is a non-stop assault of blast beats, down-tuned guitars, and scathing lyrical content that will redefine your thought of what New England is capable of producing in the realm of death metal.

Kayotik is:
Tom Calver – vocals, bass
Dave Yardley – guitars, vocals
Darrin Yardley - drums

Upcoming Shows:
More shows coming soon.

"Enslaved To Chaos" Album Review
Kayotik are a band from Connecticut that draw influences from the genres of Thrash, Grindcore, and Death Metal to form their sound of Extreme Metal. This is their most recent release so let's dive right in and check it out. The opening track "8 Stages Of Death" blasts right in and goes straight for the jugular. There is a Cannibal Corpse influence on the track as it just intends to destroy with its blast beats throughout its short two minute span. "Brute Force Bloodshed" is exactly what the title suggests. It's a no holds barred track that will get the adrenaline flowing from start to finish. It's the longest track on the album and packs the biggest punch with its devastating breakdowns. "Butchery" is a straight Death Metal track and has an overbearing sense of darkness. The bass riffing later in the track is something that builds another layer to an already crushing track. "Enslaved To Chaos" is the title track and has a touch of melody. Not too much but just a smidgen while also featuring their old school meets new school Thrash/Death Metal/Grindcore signature sound. "Human Farming" has a hint of early Dillinger Escape Plan in its instrumentation with all of the time changes. The track builds and breaks perfectly in which helps keep the listeners interest. "Man Is No More" has a bit more of a Thrash sound to it. The track is a good example of the band just letting loose and keeping it fresh on the sixth track on the album. "Pollutionation" will get the head banging right away with its whirlwind inducing Metal sound. It's a track that will surely get the circle pits moving at full speed. "Terminal Ballistic" is just pure chaos. The track barrels full speed ahead and doesn't slow down with its Thrash/Grindcore inspired sound. The closing track "Theater Of The Damned" brings full circle the unadulterated sound of Kayotik. It wraps a barbed wire bow on a pulverizing album.

Kayotik's newest release features an old school meets new school Thrash/Death Metal/Grindcore sound.

-Interview- (2/20/17)
1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Kayotik” and is there any meaning behind it?

Darrin: I got started in music playing guitar then drums. I've been playing instruments for over 20 years. Listening to metal bands molded the way I play today. I came up with the name and the way it's spelled. It's a more fitting name for the extreme metal that we play, and I wanted the spelling to be different so it would stand out. The sound just developed from playing with my brother Dave. There was no pushing to be anything. We just became who we are by what we wrote. Over the years, the sound has changed and we are settled with what we write and the sound we have developed.

2. What do you want listeners to take away from your "Enslaved To Chaos" album?

As this is our second release, I want people to see the improvement in our song writing, speed and tightness. We continue to push ourselves and each other to write better and preform better for our fans.

3. What can people expect from your live show?

An experience in brutality and professionalism. We take every show seriously and give 100% no matter what the crowd size. What you hear on the album, we want to be amplified 10 fold live.

4. What's your favorite track to play live?

That's s hard question! All of them!!

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Immolation, Nile and Dying Fetus.

6. Any crazy show stories?

We opened for Deicide! Having Jack Owen side stage watching us was damn cool! We have blown the PA power twice at shows. Not our fault we believe but very odd none the less.

7. What’s your take on the current state of Metal?

I think that there are some great new bands coming up, but I love to see the bands the got me into metal are making comebacks. Like Bloodfeast! It's cool to see them ripping it up after 20 years of retirement. With the expansion of the Internet, we are flooded with new bands and everyone it clamoring for a spot. Not like the older days where you knew every band in the local scene. We couldn't name them all now. There is a lot of talent out there.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in Connecticut both locally and state wide?

CT is a small state and there a lot of bands here. Every weekend you can find a show! But Death Metal isn't as popular as it used to be in CT, so it can challenging to get on a lineup that works well for Kayotik. Being a small state too, the scene can get overwhelmed with the same bands every weekend. That may bring the overall draw down. We try to play when it makes sense.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

It's good and bad. We'd like to be financially secure, but we'd also like to get our music out to as many people as possible. So if people pay for our music, that's a bonus! We can't ever see it coming under control. As long as the bands get a cut of something, it's not a bad thing.

10. What’s next for Kayotik?

We are currently writing new music and plan to record another release. This new batch of tunes will be even heavier and more brutal than our previous releases! The writing sessions have been productive and we are looking forward to playing live out of Connecticut more often!

11. Any shoutouts?

To the crew at Cherry Street Station. You guys have always treated us great! And Jeremy Pavano at JSP Studios. He really did a great job for us.