Malevolents (Metal/Hard Rock) - Nanaimo, Canada

Malevolents is a hard rock/heavy metal band founded and currently residing in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.

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"Attitude" EP Review
Malevolents is a Metal/Hard Rock band from Nanaimo, Canada that recently released this four track EP. Straight off the bat, we're not sure what they're putting in the water up in Nanaimo but with Wise Youngblood and now these guys, the talent up there is off the charts. Let's dive into this EP and see what Malevolents are all about. The opening track "Attitude Adjustment" starts things off in a crunchy hard rock fashion. The aggressive melodic vocals bring to mind James Hetfield of Metallica and combined with the hard rock sound make this a stand out opener that is sure to get the pit moving. The guitar solo on the track is mind blowingly delightful. "So Damn Good" is more rock radio sound than the opener. The track is a surefire single and it simply shreds. "Giving Us A Future" is an eight minute stunner of a track. The epic sound on the track brings to mind Metallica's "The Unforgiven II". The track needs to be heard to be believed as there's so much talent that shines through the eight minute journey. The closing track "Alive And Well" kicks it back into high gear. The track is a gem of a hard rock track and closes ut the EP in spectacular fashion. Anyone who is into the sound of Motorhead, Metallica or Megadeth will eat up this EP in no time.

This new EP from Malevolents puts the intensity back in the Metal/Hard Rock genres.

"Face The Music" Album Review
This is the 2015 full length effort from Canadian Hard Rock/Metal band Malevolents. Their most recent "Attitude" EP was recently reviewed here and is a release we said "puts the intensity back in the Metal/Hard Rock genres.". Be sure to check out that EP at once. Today we dive back into their early catalog and we're reviewing their album before the EP. Let's see what their previous effort was all about. The opening track "Serenading The Gods" kicks off by way of pure guitar shredding before transitioning into an absolute monster of an instrumental metal track. "Face The Music" brings to mind "Reload" era Metallica with its guitar riffs combined with that borderline hard rock/metal sound that simply blasts through the speakers at full volume without effort. "Into Darkness" slows things down a tad before building itself back up. The track steamrolls full speed ahead and is relentless with its delivery. It's a near seven minute track full of crunchy hard rock that'll get the adrenaline pumping. "Malevolence" is a track that would bring to mind Motorhead's style. The driving force of the track is the vocals and guitars which are just sludgy and melodic enough to set itself apart from the pack on a slightly but still awesome way. "Everything I Hate" kicks things up a notch and it just rocks your socks off. The headbanging factor is off the charts with this track. You'll get singing along to its chorus in no time. "Midnight" is more of an atmospheric rock song and brings to mind the production and theatrics of an Alice Cooper or Iron Maiden. It's really a track that has to be heard to be believed. "Just Don't Care" is a hard rock track that really shines. The near rock ballad is on point in all of the right places and should get the lighters in the crowd lit without hesitation. "My Enemy" is chaotic from the get go. The track will surely get the pits moving and crowd singing along to its gang chant incorporated chorus. "For A Cause" features a slow build up before erupting into a tremendous hard rock track. The brilliance on the track can be heard with the stellar guitar solo. My goodness it's so good! "I've Had Enough" just lets loose on the listener. The track will get feet tapping along to its super infectious melodic riffs and driving instrumentation. The closing track is a cover of the Taylor Swift track "Shake It Off". It's a unique take on the track but it works very well. It's very hard rock and actually adds depth to the track which otherwise wasn't previously there. It's more upbeat and absolutely destroys the original by way of all of the layers. The track is a fun track to close out a beast of a full length.

This early effort from Malevolents hold the roots to their signature sound and is an absolute blast to listen to.