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No Blitz (Rock) - Arlington, Virginia

No Blitz is a four-piece American Rock band based in Washington, DC. Formed in 2010, the band has released three albums including 2014's 'Feeling Strangely Fine'. Their desire for a mid-90’s Alt Rock revival is reflected in their dynamic music, as the material spans blistering riffs to shoe-gazing epics. Check out the Foo-Fighters-esque band at or at a show near you.

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"Feeling Strangely Fine" Album Review
No Blitz are a incredibly hard working band from Arlington, Virginia. They're fresh off their recent performance at this years South By Southwest festival supporting their recent effort "Feeling Strangely Fine". Let's dive right in and hear what No Blitz is all about. The album kicks things off with the fiery track "Losing Control". The track is an adrenaline filled four minute romp on the senses. There's a more alternative rock sound to it. "No Damn Good" kicks things into a more Foo Fighters influenced sound. The track rocks in all of the right places and is truly a treat to listen to. "Changes" slows things down a bit but still has some bite to it. The track is extremely radio friendly and will immediately capture the listeners attention. "On Your Honor" is slower than the previous track and brings to mind the mid 90's rock ballads. It's an incredibly journey into the passion that No Blitz shares on the track. "Fire Away" kicks things back to a high octane sound. The listener can't help but rock out when a track rocks this much. "Exception To The Rule" takes it to another level. The track veers into a more hard rock sound. The crunchiness of the guitars mixed with the highly melodic rock vocals make this a track you don't want to miss. "Send And Return" is an emotional track that showcases the unbelievable guitar work and talent the band possess. It pulls at the heartstrings in all of the right ways. "We Had A Deal" was a single off the album and it delivers perfectly. The uplifting nature of the verse is infectious and will surely get people singing along. "Slow Down" blows the doors off and changes things up. It's a more old school type rock track in its delivery and really shines from it. "On To You" is an absolute stunner of a track. To be able to produce such a great track, ten tracks into an album is no small feat. No Blitz does it and this track is just awesome. It should be heard right away and be prepared to be blown away by pure passion. "Anyone Else" closes out the album with a rockin' good time. As the track goes you should "savor the moment" in listening to this spectacular rock album.

If you love rock music, you must pick up this album from No Blitz.

"We Had A Deal" Music Video: