Of Cities

Of Cities (Metalcore) - Madison Heights, Michigan

Of Cities is a 5 piece Melodic Metalcore band from Metro Detroit that has intentions to kick start life in the Metalcore genre.

Upcoming Shows:
3/27/17 - The Ritz - Warren, MI

"Mirage" EP Review
Of Cities are a band from Michigan that have gone through trials and tribulations with the past few years but they've persevered and this five track EP proves that they're still here and better than ever. "Event Horizon" unleashes hell right from the get go. The track brings to mind August Burns Red and the melodic riffs and breakdowns that simply destroys. "Relinquish" is a pure banger of a Metalcore track. The track breathes fire with breakdowns and lays waste to everything in its path. The guitar work on the track is top notch and shouldn't be missed. The line from the track is a war cry of "You Will Remember Us" holds true to their adversity that they've gotten through. "Metaphysical" brings to mind the early sound of As I Lay Dying with its metallic riffs, breakdowns and harsh vocals. It's no wonder why it was a single since it has a ton of redeeming qualities for the Metal/Hardcore listener (especially the ending breakdown). "Mirage" is an instrumental interlude, breakdown riddled track that helps break up the EP. It segways nicely into the closer "Illusions". "Illusions" is a track that is much more melodic than the previous tracks. It features clean vocals for the first time and has a touch of the modern stylings of Bring Me The Horizon or even a slight Easycore feel as well. It's a tremendous closer to a rock solid EP.

The new "Mirage" EP from Of Cities is finally here and does not disappoint.