Raw Like Fish

Raw Like Fish (Rock) - Hannover, Germany

As early as 2000 sought Cord (rhythm guitar) musicians for a new band and moved in Hannover Wülfel the rehearsal room, where the band still active today. To Rob (bass) and Justin (drums) came HIM (EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS) added on vocals and the first metal-heavy sound of the band was done. Mirko as a solo guitarist completed the first band line. The young band was able to make among other concerts in the tocsin and the lab a name. Since HIM recordings had to leave for health reasons the band after the first promo, a musical reorientation revealed. The road led away towards the Metal for broad rock / metal. The resulting musical differences between Justin and the band eventually led to his departure. By good song material was Björn (drums), Cords old bandmate, excited for the band. Coming from a completely different genre, he has made through his varied drumming for more new and interesting influences. Malte (vocals) gave Raw Like Fish 2003 after an intensive search, a new and versatile voice. Cord managed with his ideas and riffs the basis for new, comprehensive and experimental songs, a first live set of more than one hour was. One of the songs use Raw Like Fish 2004 for live recordings in their own rehearsal room. It finally came the album "Raw Live Recordz".

After several concerts and many new songs, the five Hanoverian dip in 2007 for the first time into the studio. In Music Centre Hannover production took place for the first Promo Demo "Keep away from direct sunlight." It was followed by many concerts, the band evolved permanently further and built their own recording studio in the rehearsal room. There started in 2007 the recordings for a new album. In 2010, the Hanover-RockPlayer of Rob and weblex, the webmaster of the band was founded. Meanwhile, 13 bands have joined forces to expand your contacts and opportunities in the Hanoverian music scene. There arose an Internet platform and two concerts have been organized in this framework. When the band for a gig in Ibiza Club "Punta Arabi" was invited in the same year, Mirko could not attend. So Dutch was a longtime and close friend of the band, taken as a representation for Mirko. Shortly thereafter, the band and Mirko parted. Due to the good friendship and representation in Ibiza, the new guitarist Dutch added with its innovative and inspired stoner rock style very quickly into the band. The band focused on this point in the development of concert concepts, the design of atmospheres and working out of intense and surprising moments within the live gigs.

Through the use of Maltes percussion instruments like djembe and Rainmaker and by sound collages of the band as new impressions and moods were created. From a second session in the studio from the music center in early 2011 was published the Promo 2011 in which Mirko had participated. It appeared in a 500 copies and managed to 9 concerts in circulation, the Raw Like Fish had played 2011. The band was able to qualify, among other things for the finals of the Emergenza band contest in Hannover and from NEWCOMER competition Rockhouse Hanover 2011th. On FOREST FIRE Festival 2011 in Helmstedt they performed for the first time on a major open air festival. By appearances, among other things, the cooperation with the Jangland Studio in Hildesheim revealed. Raw Like Fish worked with Lars Oppermann at various songs of the band, five of them newly developed and produced. In the following period, another new song material were written and recorded in their own rehearsal room. 2014 was finally released, the resultant from the recordings longplayer "Starfish Cadillac", which was recorded entirely under own initiative of the band and mixed in Jangeland and mastered. 2016 followed with "Pendolism" another self-production of the band.

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"Pendolon" Music Video

"Pendolism" EP Review
Raw Like Fish from Germany is a hard rock band that recently released their "Pendolism" EP. Does this German band have what it takes to stick out and cross over to the overseas crowd? Let's dig in and find out. The opener "Pendolon" immediately introduces the listener to the crunchy hard rock/metal sound that Raw Like Fish brings to the table. It's an incredible opener that really shows the depth that the band has. "Salade" is a slower track but still melds melody with that hard rock sound that brings to mind Staind or Breaking Benjamin. "Electric Ladyboy" brings the pace back up with an almost A Perfect Circle type vibe. The track just oozes experimental rock and rages throughout its four minute length. "Mnemonic" starts off with a marching opening which then breaks into an almost grunge rock sound. The track is an absolute blast to crank up and will be a fan favorite. "Manege" is a track of epic proportions. The near six minute track goes full steam ahead and packs a ton of straight up rock sound in its time frame. The closer "AQ" showcases the acoustic side of the band. The track is pretty dynamic and closes the EP off nicely.

Raw Like Fish hit all the right notes with the newest EP. Rock fans should pick this up right away.

-Interview- 8/24/16
1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Raw Like Fish” and is there any meaning behind it?

The development of our sound is an ongoing process. We´ve been jamming, recording & experimenting with styles and sounds since we started the band more than 10 years ago. The recent Pendolism EP is the quintessence of the last 2 or 3 years of doing exactly that. The name of the band came from Cord, lightyears ago, and is completely random.

2. What do you want listeners to take away from your "Pendolism" EP?

They hopefully have a good time and think its a shame that it´s only an EP.

3. What can people expect from your live show?

We have a wide range of magic tricks. Also, we always try to take the feeling we have on record to the stage. We don´t really like to repeat the same set, so the mix of the songs will always be different. Our shows are fluent and we enjoy to connect songs with improvisations and soundscapes. No one really knows whats gonna come out in parts of a show until they happen.

4. What's your favorite track to play live?

Songs come and go as just described, so that always changes as well.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Queen and our ritualisticly worshipped idol David Hasselhoff.

6. Any crazy show stories?

According to our legal experts: no.

7. What’s your take on the current state of rock?

It is still out there. If one takes off one´s eyes of mainstream/pop-culture for just a moment, there´s actually plenty to see, listen to and explore.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in Germany both locally and country wide?

Mostly, it´s a sell out.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

We offer our music with a name you price option online, so if you want you can download it for free legal and if you want to support an artist you like you can download it for, let´s say, 1$, directly making sure your favored artist has food for another week. So, our general stance towards the issue is pretty much that.

10. What’s next for Raw Like Fish?

We´re about to start writing the next record and have some other project´s in planning. If things go right we´ll also be heading out for a couple of shows later this year.

11. Any shoutouts?

Certainly, to our good buddy OPUS5108 and our friends HIRYM, check them out.