Reign Of Fear

Reign Of Fear (Metal) - Konkonkoma, New York

Reign Of Fear started as a jam project in June of 2013, after sifting through try outs, and fall outs, the line up was solidified in late 2013, and Reign of Fear was truly born. a mix of sludge, Death, Thrash, progressive, and generally whatever sounds good, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Upcoming Shows:
12/2/17 - Backstage Pass - Ronkonkoma, NY

"All Common In Design" EP Review
This brand new five track EP from New York Metal band Reign Of Fear is the follow up to their previous "Spectrum" EP (our review here.). Lets see how they've progressed with their intense, aggressive sound. "Sailors Swansong" opens up the EP with a subdued Rock sound. The almost ballad feel in the opening gives the impression of a calm before the storm. The riffs ramp up not too long after and create a rifftastic explosion. The headbanging appeal is off the charts. Clean vocal melody is sprinkled in but doesn't overwhelm the track. The track hits hard and extremely heavy as an opener. "Righteous Divide" is vicious in its delivery. The track packs plenty of bite as it has some Slayer qualities along with some technical prowess. The track keeps things interesting throughout its near four minute length. "All Common In Design" comes out swinging. The track is a showcase in what the band is all about. It doesn't hold your hand and is relentless with top notch Metal that deserves to be in the same class as the heavyweights of the genre. "Deadlights" is over six minutes long and is more of a Progressive Metal epic track. There's so much contained in this track that Metal fans will be hard pressed to find anything wrong with it. "Through Glass" closes out the EP with a more melodic Metalcore type sound. The track is a stunner of a Metal track and whether it's the closer or the entire EP, fans of Metal need this in their life!

Reign Of Fear take their Metal sound to even greater heights with their new EP.

"Spectrum" EP Review
Reign Of Fear are a Metal band from New York that "blend an intense American metal sound with a Scandinavian metal influence to create a relentless and original collection of incredibly different brutal tunes." Let's listen to their most recent "Spectrum" EP and hear what they're all about. "Unholy Priestess" blasts right through with a rapid fire sound that incorporates Death Metal breakdowns with some melody. The track is extremely heavy as hell and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. "Embraced By Misery" barrels through the speakers like a rabid dog. The track will get the pits moving throughout its four minute span without issue. The breakdown near the halfway mark is especially crushing. "Dogs Of War" is a fast track that'll bring to mind the raw intensity of early Lamb Of God in its delivery. A metal fan should eat this up right away. "Colours Of The Black Hole" has the most melody out of all the tracks but is still hard as nails. The track soars to heights comparable to Iron Maiden's melody meshed with Zao's destruction of sound. It's a remarkable track and closes out the crushing EP perfectly.

Reign Of Fear's "Spectrum" EP eviscerates everything in its path with its relentless intensity.