Saving Athens

Saving Athens (Rock) - Brewster, New York

We are a rock band from New York. Like the page and tune in for shows and updates!

Upcoming Shows:
6/17/17 - The Space - Hamden, CT

"Saving Athens" Album Review
Saving Athens are a hard working Rock band from New York which just dropped this nine track album. Let's dive on in and see how it is. The opening track "Misery" features an opening guitar riff which then builds up to an extremely solid Rock track. There's a Foo Fighters influence on the track which makes it easily accessible to Rock fans. The guitar solo is stellar beyond belief. "Out Of My Mind" features a catchy as hell guitar riff throughout the track. It's a highly melodic track that'll get stuck in your head for days. "Into The Night (Matt's Song)" is an absolute beast of a track. It brings to mind the catchy dance like qualities of Fall Out Boy and will surely be a crowd favorite. "Stand By Me" has a slight Tom Petty - "Free Fallin'" feel to it. It's a tad slower than their previous tracks but it's still off the charts catchy. "The One" kicks it up to high gear. The track is fast and brings to mind the radio friendly Rock sound of Green Day. It features soaring vocals and teeters on the edge of the Punk/Pop/Rock sound. "One Chance" is another banger of a track. It keeps up the pace set before it and is even more punky than the previous track. It sounds like an awesome track to hear live as the layered vocals on the chorus are super catchy. "We've Gone Too Far" takes a bit to build itself up but when it does, it creates a very enjoyable rockin' good time of a track. The track will get toes tappin in no time with its melody. There's even a fantastic breakdown and guitar solo on the track as well! "Where Did You Go?" is a stand out Alternative Rock track. It has everything going for it and is catchy as hell. There's a mean breakdown on the track that'll get the juices flowing as well. "Loss For Words" closes out the album in style. It's a gem of a track that puts the bow on top of the gift that is nine tracks full of awesome Rock brought to you by Saving Athens. "Hey Hey" get out there and pick up this album!

If you like Rock music, Saving Athens has a real treat for you with this new album.

"In Athena's Absence" EP Review
Saving Athens are a Rock band from New York that draws influences from bands such as All American Rejects, Foo Fighters and Green Day to create a sound that is unique and extremely catchy. "Where Did You Go?" opens things up with an upbeat sound. There's an early Foo Fighters influence on the track since it's highly energetic, rock heavy and melodic. It's a great track to open up the EP with. "Into The Night (Matt's Song)" takes things up a notch in the energy department. It's extremely radio friendly and brings to mind early Weezer with its stellar guitar work and sing along qualities. "Stand By Me" slows things down a bit but still maintains the catchy rock style that they possessed in early tracks. "Loss For Words" closes out the EP on a high note. It's a highly infectious track that will keep your foot tappin and have you singing along for days to come. Four songs is nearly not enough. It's a high quality EP that makes the listener yearn for more.

This four track EP is short and sweet for fans of rock music. There's a lot to like and look forward to with Saving Athens.

-Interview- (7/23/16)