Second Opinion

Second Opinion (Punk) - Tienen, Belgium

Second Opinion is a pop-punk band from Tienen with a huge passion for music. Their influences are bands like Blink- 182, Sum- 41, Rise Against and The Story So Far. The band consists of Rigo Claes (vocalist/lead guitar), Daan Bauwens (backing vocalist/bass),Lucas Feys (rhythm guitar) and Jano Boogaerts (Drum).

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"Fat Fish" EP Review
Second Opinion are a pop punk band from Belgium that released this EP last month. Some say pop punk is in a decline, others say it's thriving. Second Opinion has an EP here that will keep pop punk alive for quite awhile yet. "Stuck" is a powerful opening track. The huge pop punk angst anthem sound is very reminiscent of early Sum 41. It simply rocks. "Getting Laid" is chock full of teenage desires in song form. The track will appeal to fans of early pop punk with its lyrical content and fast pace. "Meant To Be" is the lead single and sounds like a 90's pop punk track. The track is catchy as hell and brings to mind Blink 182's prime sound. It's a track that you don't want to miss. "Fat Fish" is a high energy track that will get the live crowd chanting along in no time. It's short, to the point and punk through and through its one minute length. "Party Dude" closes out the EP with another pop punk banger. The track is an epic closer with its radio quality sound and infectious chorus. Anyone who is into pop punk will find something to enjoy on this EP.

Second Opinion shines bright in the pop punk world with their newest EP.

"Meant To Be" Music Video:

"After Midnight" Blink 182 Cover

-Video Interview- (12/3/16)