Shadows At Bay

Shadows At Bay (Post Grunge/Alternative Rock) - Melbourne, Australia

Originally starting in 2011 when singer/guitarist, Lee Cheney began writing in his studio, along came friend Clinton Broomhall (Bass), both fueled by a mutual interest in 90’s grunge, the two began writing and recording original material in Lee’s home studio. It was clear right away that they had something worthwhile after the first few demos and made the decision to let the sounds out and into the ears of the Melbourne music scene.

Lee & Clinton started as an acoustic duo bringing their sounds out to the public. After receiving a positive response they decided to progress and go on to create a three piece band.

The band was soon joined by drummer Matthew Williams, who beefed up the sounds with both his powerful playing and enthusiasm to bring Shadows at Bay to light. The combination worked, and it gave the band the edge that defines the band’s post grunge sound, complimenting Lee’s unique vocals.

Starting to play live and planning on an album, Mathew (Drums) got ill and had to give up his music career, before it had begun. Drums were then taken over by Drummer Annette Parry.

Excited with the new line up the band went on to release their first self titled EP, the band never anticipated the enthusiasm that was then received by the Melbourne music scene. Since the release of the EP the band has been attracting a fan base all over Melbourne.

“It was my pleasure recording these guys. Loved these sessions. Some mighty fine musos on those days” Michael Zammit, Airwaves Recording Studio

‘I LOVE this band’, comments CBD Nightclub band booker Mel Tipping, “Their songs are both raw grunge but melodic, taking me back to the 90’s grunge days but with a newer fresher feel.” “Also one of the most pro active & enthusiastic band’s I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

“Although they couldn’t be happier with their progress so far and their devoted fans in Melbourne, Lee and the guys have set their sights on more recordings, including a charity CD for the R U OK Foundation, plus a follow up EP, Album and MANY more gigs! Branching out to an interstate tour in the near future.

“New Music, New album, More Gigs and working in conjunction with one of Australia's leading charity organizations. Well Done Guys on your efforts” Damian – Air Raid Music Promotions

‘We just want to get out there, play & keep delivering to our fans,’ “In the process of auditioning new drummers upon Annette’s most recent departure, we’re ready to get back to what it’s all about – Rockin’

"’What it comes down to for us,’ remarks Lee, ‘Is that we really love what we’re doing, and we’ve brought a lot of people something they really love too & we have no intention of stopping.’

Upcoming Shows:
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"This Is What We're Made Of" EP Review
This is a brand spankin' new EP from the Melbourne, Australia based Post Grunge/Alternative Rock band Shadows At Bay. Fresh off their EP release show, let's dive in and see what the band is all about. "You Are Not A Hero" opens up the EP right away with a flurry of attitude. The Alternative Rock style is in the forefront of the track as it cruises along while bringing along an uptempo chorus which sticks in your head for days. On top of all of that is a tremendous little guitar solo later in the track. It's a fantastic opener that sheds light on the catchy sound that the band churn out. "This Is What We're Made Of..." is the title track and doesn't disappoint. The track is a funky number that is groovy as well as heavy in its own right. It's easy to sing along and jam out to. It has a bit of a haunting Post Grunge style to it that really sticks with the listener. "River To The Sea" is a roller coaster of emotion as it bobs and weaves through the landscape of Rock music. Their own style is on full display here as it's extremely melodic yet still has the hard Rock tendencies. The guitar solo on the track comes out of nowhere and is pure gold. "Game Of Life" closes out the EP in a harder style than the previous tracks. The track really shines as it chugs along at a high clip. It's still highly infectious while still have the tendencies to churn up a mosh pit (especially the gigantic breakdown later in the track). With only four tracks on the EP and the closer being as mind blowing as it is, listeners will certainly be salivating for more while having this on repeat for some time to come.

This new EP from Shadows At Bay features four tracks of Post Grunge/Alternative Rock bliss.