Signs Of Madness

Signs Of Madness (Metal) - Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Imagine the punishing guitar riffs and aggression of thrash, coupled with the powerful vocals and melodic approach of classic metal, and you'll get a feel for the music of Signs of Madness. The band started to take shape in the winter of 2016, when guitarist Stefan Belzner and vocalist Alex Kristof formally of Sinister Realm met while playing in a metal tribute band. The two got the idea to collaborate on a new project after hearing each other's works outside the band, and after the first rough recording of one song was completed, they knew they were on to something. Writing continued, and after a short search, drummer Ryan Bercaw and bassist Chris Ruch joined the band. The band had their first full practice that summer, and the talent and dedication to the music was apparent, as it sounded as though they had played together much longer. With two songs professionally recorded, a full-length album in the works, and live shows being planned, Signs of Madness is preparing to make their mark with their powerful style of metal!

Upcoming Shows:
11/24/17 - The Funhouse - Bethlehem, PA