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Sister Johnson (Rock) - Nijmegen, Netherlands

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"Free" Album Review
This full length from Netherlands rock band Sister Johnson came out back in 2015 but let's look back and listen to what they're all about. Let's see if Sister Johnson can elevate the Netherlands music scene to new heights to help crossover here in the states and beyond. The opener "Free" kicks things off with rockin riffs and a very upbeat sound. The track is extremely dancey and has that old school catchy garage sound to it. "Do Your Rock N' Roll" is a hit in the making. It's such a groovy track that is infectious from the get go and doesn't let go. "Down In The Beast" is another banger of a track. The track bares its soul influences into a sound that has that 70's era vibe to it. "Stop & Go" slows things down a bit and features some synth work. It has a more blues like feeling to it which would definitely appeal to fans of such acts like Amos Fortune. "Julie" is a track that lovers of rock music will just salivate over. It has incredible riffs, that old school rock vocals and just turns up that garage rock sound up to 11. "Telephone" has that southern twang to it which sets it apart in a good way. The blues elements on the track are a good change of pace and helps make the album that much more diverse. "Love Back" is a track that'll get you singing along to the lyrics and tapping your feet to the riffs in no time. It's that catchy. "You Know What I Want" is a track that brings to mind a more catchy Queens Of The Stone Age. The track takes the EP up a notch and doesn't let up. "Close The Tracks" keeps the high pace up with its tremendous rock sound. It's a track that'll be in your head for days. The closer "Try" is a nice bookend to the album. It wraps things up nicely with its signature Sister Johnson sound as well as a mind blowing guitar solo. Such a spectacular closer to a stellar rock album.

Sister Johnson from the Netherlands deserve your attention with their rockin' full length album.