Skyeline (Alternative Pop) - Ocean County, New Jersey

Skyeline is an alternative rock and pop outfit from central New Jersey. Pulling influences from indie and pop acts like The Killers and Death Cab For Cutie, but not afraid experiment with the heavier side of things like Deftones and Failure, Sorry, Allyson’s sound is unique and captivating.

The band was formed in the winter of 2015 by guitarist Brandon Cruz and bassist Jack Rose who met while attending the audio recording course at Ocean County Vocational Technical School. They soon met vocal major Brittany Byrne from the Performing Arts Academy and instantly clicked. While searching for a drummer, Anthony Flora soon joined the band with no doubts.

Skyeline intends to experiment with letting different genres collide while retaining an honest and human element to songwriting all while providing an entertaining live show.

Upcoming Shows:
More shows coming soon.

"Three Years" Single Review
Skyeline are a Alternative Pop/Rock group from New Jersey which recently debuted their newest single "Three Years". Let's dive in and see what they're all about. The track kicks off with a nice little catchy guitar riff before the soft, melodic lead vocals kick in and take control. The track flows naturally through the soundscape of Indie Rock. There's influences on the track from Death Cab For Cutie and even a touch of The Killers. The guitar sound on the track keep things interesting throughout. The track is extremely infectious as everything works perfectly smooth through its three minute length. It's an easy to listen to track that should be in everyone's' collection.

Skyeline's new single is highly infectious Alternative Pop/Indie Rock at its finest.