Smiling Politely

Smiling Politely (Rock) - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Calling Minneapolis, MN their home, Smiling Politely is comprised of members Eric Tracey (vocals/guitar), Marc Hall (guitar), Mike Egan (bass) and Brady Outcelt (drums). Smiling Politely brings forth a style of melodic, hard Rock that dances the line between Metal and Rock. After putting out two EPs, Smiling Politely published their first full length album in 2008 ("Behind The Mask"). They toured the Midwest for a few years finding local success. In 2012, the band released their second full length album ("Through The Darkness"), which afforded them yet more success and furthered their rise through the MN music scene.

Smiling Politely is currently supporting their third studio effort ("In The Wake Of The Storm"). The album was released in July of 2015 and immediately followed by a 5 week Midwest/East Coast tour. The band has since toured Central US as well.

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"Through Your Fire" Single Review
This single from Minnesota Hard Rock band Smiling Politely is their follow up to their 2015 "In The Wake Of The Storm" album. Let's dive right in and see what their new music sounds like. The single blasts right in with a sound that teeters on the line of Hard Rock and Metal. There's some incredible riffs in the beginning which lead into the highly infectious, soaring chorus. There's some similarities on the track to modern All That Remains, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine or P.O.D. The vocals on the verses have a touch of hip hop to them but the track is still hard as nails. There's a slight build later in the track to an out of this world guitar solo which kicks things up a few notches. The track somehow stays in the stratosphere for the remainder of the length. The top notch chorus is featured to close things out and puts a nice finish on the standout track. Overall it's a five minute long track that hits all the right chords. It's an awesome long awaited single and we can't wait to hear more.

Smiling Politely crank the Hard Rock sound up to 11 with their new "Through Your Fire" single.

"In The Wake Of The Storm" Album Review
Smiling Politely are a Hard Rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota which back in 2015 released this gem of a full length album. Let's listen and see what they're all about. The opener "Down Again" strikes a chord right off the bat with a very hard Rock styling that brings to mind Breaking Benjamin's early work. The track is fierce and shows its teeth through an exhilarating guitar solo. "Stick Around" brings the riffs right away and attempts to shred throughout its near five minute length. The buildup of the track which leads to the powerful chorus is a treat and should satisfy any fan of the Hard Rock genre. "On Your Own" continues the onslaught. The opening could very well be a Metal opening as it's just chaos in its delivery. The melody kicks in but the sound is still heavy and relentless. It's a solid track and should appeal to the heavier Rock/Metal music fans quite nicely. "Get Me Through" slows things down a notch before driving into a whirlwind of Rock sound. The track would be perfect on Rock radio as it puts the listener on a roller coaster of the Rock spectrum. "Sever" is an incredible track. It's on the heavier side but still has that signature Smiling Politely melody. It's a single in the making and should be a fan favorite right away. "The River" brings to mind right away the sounds of Boyhitscar. Once the track kicks into the breakdowns though, all bets are off and the rest of the track is a monster of a track with its stellar riffs and driving melody. "In Just A Moment" is the slowest track on the album and brings to mind the Grunge Rock sound. It's a nice change of pace and really sets up the last two tracks nicely. "Don't Close Your Eyes" gets back to the devastation. The track will get the listener pumped up, head banging and singing along. It's a spectacular track and should not be missed. The closer "One More Piece" is the longest track on the album and is also an acoustic track. It's a highly emotional track that will pull on the heartstrings of the listener. nThere's a lot of diversity on this album for every fan of Rock music to find something to love.

Smiling Politely know how to pack a Hard Rock punch with their latest gem of an album.