Stay Loud

Stay Loud (Alternative Rock/Pop Punk) - Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

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2/24/18 - Bones Bar - Wilkes Barre, PA

"The Basement" EP Review
Stay Loud are an up and coming band from Pennsylvania that are looking to continue the trend of incredible Pop Punk music that comes from the Keystone state. Let's dive in and tell you why they succeed in doing just that. "Basement" kicks things into high gear right away. The track is pure energy. There's a slight early Green Day vibe on the track. It's fast paced but easily sing-able and bouncy. It's a tremendous opener that helps set the catchy tone. "Goodbye" was a single and showcases perfectly why. The crunchy Pop Punk riffs bring to mind early New Found Glory and their high accessibility. The chorus soars while the instrumentation rocks out and keeps things moving at a high clip. The track even features a stellar guitar solo as well. "Drifting" is a different type of Punk sound. The rollercoaster Pop Punk sound is stunning and keeps the listener on their toes. The melodies and instrumentation work together in unison to form a track that should be a hit in no time. "Coming Home" has more of an Alternative Rock feel as it veers into high energy Rock territory. The track launches itself into the upper atmosphere and stays up their with its incredible vocals and upbeat sound. "Alone" closes out the EP in acoustic fashion. The track is emotional, passionate and really wraps up the EP in a manner which will pull at the heartstrings of Pop Punk fans. All of the tracks on this EP are extremely radio friendly. Anyone who's remotely into Pop Punk should check these guys out immediately.

Stay Loud crank up the Pop Punk intensity to 11 with their "The Basement" EP.