The Days We Don't

The Days We Don't (Rock) - Tonbridge, UK

Formed by guitarist Henry Every, The Days We Don't began life as a 4 piece back in November 2013, releasing their debut demo single 'Strangers' in March of the following year. Having gained experience over the following 12 months, with gigs at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells, in Purley and across the region, the now 5 piece have released their debut EP 'Noise Complaint' on iTunes/Spotify/GooglePlay and, having returned to the studio to record their next singles, 'Darkest Hour' and 'Bored Games', now have their second EP 'Counting Sheep' available on iTunes. They represented the UK at the Global Battle of the Bands World Final on May 26th at SO36 Club, Berlin, coming second in the public vote.

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"Noise Complaint" EP Review
This four piece rock band from Tonbridge, UK released this EP back in early 2015 but their sound is super fresh and should be heard right away. Let's tell you why you should check this EP our right now. "Emily" comes out swinging with a rockin' riff and explodes into an ultra catchy rock sound. It's no wonder this track was a single, it's got the goods to draw in rock fans in droves. "Rose (Write It Down)" keeps the alternative rock sound moving along at a catchy pace. The easy to sing along track should be on rock radio playlists immediately. The guitar solo is top notch on the track as well. "Strangers" has a Green Day feel to it as it bounces up and down with an almost pop punk vibe. The track really showcases the true talent of the band as they can shift genres so effortlessly thus creating a depth to their signature sound. "Butterfly" closes out the EP in style as it really shows why they represented the UK in the finals of the Global Battle Of The Bands in Berlin back in May of this year. The track glides through the alternative, almost indie world of rock so naturally that it's almost a crime that they can create rock music THIS GOOD.

The Days We Don't have an EP here that should capture the hearts and minds of rock music fans everywhere.