The Just

The Just (Rock) - Pretoria, South Africa

The Just started out in 2014 when 5 musicians/friends from different musical backgrounds got together to create something new and fresh by combining the different elements of their styles together. Through trial and error we came out with a hard-rock sound that appeals to a large audience due to the heavy music and beautiful clean vocals. Although our influences range from a wide variety of artists our bands sound can best be likened to "Flyleaf". Our main goal is not to sound like anyone else but to create our own unique foot-print in music. We believe that great music isn't only about being great musician's, but also being an entertaining experience for the audience. We strive to better ourselves at every performance and rehearsal, growing with our music one song at a time

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"Braving The Battle" EP Review
The Just are a five piece group from Pretoria, South Africa. This EP from them came out a few months ago so let's dive right in and see what The Just are all about. "No Mistakes" opens up the EP with an Evanescence type sound that is extremely easy on the ears. The track features crunchy guitars along with some beautiful melodies. It's a very uplifting track that really shines bright as an opener. "Burn" is a track that is extremely upbeat and couple be on the same playlist as Tonight Alive or Paramore. It's a happy little number that will surely become a listeners favorite track right away. "Wake Up" is a haunting track that brings to mind Flyleaf and its hard rock tendencies. The track hits all the right marks and is very capable of inducing some sing alongs. "Brave" takes things up a notch with its heaviness. The track is hard rock at its finest. "She" will get the adrenaline pumping. The track is extremely catchy upbeat rock that will turn some heads and attract some ears. The closer "Now Hear Me" is tremendous. It takes the listener on a musical journey that's filled with melody, moody instrumentation and an eruption of high quality rock. All six of the tracks on the EP are single quality tracks so stop what you're doing now and listen.

The Just have put their name on the rock music map with this six track EP. Female fronted rock from South Africa, get to know them now!