Trick The Riddle

Trick The Riddle (Alternative Rock) - Long Island, New York

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"Untitled" EP Review
Trick The Riddle are an Alternative Rock band from Long Island, NY that just last year released this six track EP. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. The opening track "Don" starts off with a lick of a guitar riff before exploding into an early Incubus type eruption. The track is funky, upbeat (later in the track even a bit chaotic) and really kicks the EP off with a bang. "Psychobaby" has a bit of a Punk feel to it. The track has radio play written all over it and brings to mind Blink 182 with its Pop Punk tendencies. "The Cure" is another high energy track that'll get the live crowd moving and singing along. The track is Rock at its finest and really showcase what the band are capable of in the Rock world. The guitar solo on the track is top notch. "Masquerade" starts off a bit slow but once it gets going, it's an unbelievable Alternative Rock track. It has that single quality and should be heard immediately. "Short Fuse" is a hard hitting track that should really strike a chord with Rock music fans. It's a driving, high octane track that doesn't let up. The breakdown near the end of the song really takes it to an even higher level. The closer "The Animals Cooperate" slows things down a bit. The track has that bit of Funk to it along with the signature Trick The Riddle sound. It's probably the most diverse song on the EP but really makes the listener yearn for even more as a closer. All of the tracks on this six track EP could be singles and played on Rock radio right now. It's so damn good and if you're into Rock music you should definitely check it out as soon as possible.

Trick The Riddle have what it takes to be on Rock radio right now with their newest EP.