Tuskens (Pop Punk) - Bristol, UK

Tuskens are a five-piece Pop Punk outfit from Bristol consisting of James Pope, Ashley Holbrook, Jack Hewett, and Matt Jenkinson. Dedicating themselves to creating music since a young age, all members have been ever-present in bands for a number of years but when other projects folded, Tuskens was born. Indulging themselves firmly in the Pop Punk whirlpool, Tuskens offer intricate and melodic sections that set them apart from many of their peers. Lyrically the quartet often explores personal themes that include everything from heartbreak, loss and the lack of acceptance to growing older. Having gained a notable reputation for touring at any given time in various cities, Tuskens have shared stages with bands like Moose Blood, Neck Deep and Handguns.

Upcoming Shows:
12/3/17 - Fat Lip - Bristol, UK
12/8/17 - 2 Pigs - Cheltenham, UK
12/16/17 - Scruffy Murphys - Birmingham, UK

"No Easy Way To Say This" EP Review
The opening track "Drywall" sets the frantic pace right from the start. The track is a great opener and will draw listeners in without any issue with its highly infectious pop punk sound which brings to mind New Found Glory. The breakdown in the track is guaranteed to get the live crowd jumping. "Running Back" is more melodic and has more of a driving modern rock influence to it. There is rock radio play written all over the track with its The Wonder Years type sound. The track showcases a slightly more rock side to the band and it works extremely well. "Harrison Close" cranks things back up to the more punk side of things. The track is melodic, passionate, energetic and just has that explosive sound pop punk. It's a stand out track for sure. "Oakdale" should be a single. The track really shines and will get listeners singing along in no time. The track brings to mind Blink 182 with its massive crossover appeal. "Paperweight" keeps the high octane pace moving along nicely. Everything works well on the track and should be a hit among fans of Pop Punk. The closing track "Dissolve" doesn't hold anything back. There's an incredible of depth and talent contained within the track and EP as a whole that the Pop Punk genre should be in good hands with Tuskens for some time to come.

This new EP from Tuskens proves that they're out to change the landscape of Pop Punk for the better.