Undisclosed Day

Undisclosed Day (Christian Rock) - Lansing, Michigan

Undisclosed Day is passionate about Rock music, more passionate about loving people, and most passionate about serving God and reaching the lost.

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"Ignite" EP Review
Undisclosed Day are a Christian Rock band from Michigan who recently released this six track EP that will surely captivate the ears of every fan of Hard Rock. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. "Introduction" is a piano driven intro/instrumental track that helps set a somber mood before erupting with guitar riffs drums and a very uplifting rockin' breakdown. "Ignition" begins with some nice riffing before transitioning into a wall of Hard Rock sound. Once the track hits its stride, it's full speed ahead for the listener with its Hard Rock tendencies. There's a slight sound of Breaking Benjamin on the track as the breakdown on the track really knows how to hit hard and to the point. "Playing The Victim" is catchy as hell. The track is single quality and could easily be played on Rock radio with no problem. There's so much to link on the track including a nice tempo change into the chorus, some stellar guitar work and easy to sing along to vocals. "Made For More" is a bit slowed down of a track but it still has that high emotion and passion that could be found in all of the bands' tracks. The build to the chorus of the track is excellent and once it hits, you're hooked. It's such a good track and it'll surely have some lighters in the air with the live crowd. "Wholehearted" goes in a different direction and kicks into a modern Southern Rock style. It works very well and shows some depth from the band. The guitar solo to close out the track is top notch. "Broken World" is the closing track and it really closes things out a high note. From the first riff to the last, you'll be attracted to the highly infectious vocals and rock solid instrumentation. Keep an eye and ear out for Undisclosed Day and keep jamming out to this EP. You won't be disappointed.

Undisclosed Day set out to ignite the Rock world with their "Ignition" EP.