Willow Bay

Willow Bay (Alternative Punk) - Rochester, New York

An Alternative Punk band from Rochester, NY! Formed by guitarist Marty Allocco, bassist Eric Tasker and drummer Zach Baranes.

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"Sit & Smile" Album Review
Willow Bay is a band from Rochester, NY who recently released this full length album to the masses. Let's crank it up and see what they're all about. The opener "Gimme The Guts" grabs the listener and doesn't let go. The track launches the album into the stratosphere with its explosive Punk sound that's both melodic and loud (in a good way). "7/4" as a bit of crunch to it. The track brings to mind 311 and really soars with its brand of catchy Punk. "Forget Your Name" goes the jugular with its high octane Punk sound. The track features an early Blink 182 influence as it rides the melodic Punk wave perfectly. "Stuck in Stop Motion" is bouncy and super catchy. The track has restraint as the chorus explodes with confidence and easy accessibility. The guitar solo on the track is out of this world also. "Dreaming" is Willow Bay through and through. It's Punk with a dash of Alternative Rock. There's a slight Weezer sound to the track. "Orion's Belt" is a track that was on their previous EP and it still packs a ton of punch like it did previously. It's a single worthy track and everyone should be able to get into the super catchy sound with ease. "Godspeed" has a bit of a funky side to it. The bass riffs and guitar work bring to mind early Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's a different sound but it works quite well. "Be Strong" features a driving energy that helps make it a stand out track. The track is highly infectious and will be a fan favorite for sure. The builds and chorus on the track are easily singable. "Highslide" opens a tad slow but picks up the pace shortly thereafter. The drums are extraordinary on the track thus creating a wall of Punk sound. The guitars are also top notch and have riffs for days. "Hell with a Handbag" turns it up to 11. The Green Day comparisons are on full display. The track is fast, melodic and straight in your face. "Dreaming" might be an acoustic version of the previous version but it still rocks. It closes the album out on a high note as the track glides effortlessly into the horizon.

Willow Bay's new full length album should be a hit with fans of Punk music.

"Some Kind Of Chondriac" EP Review
Willow Bay released this seven track EP last month and with an Alternative Punk style, these kids know how to crank out the catchy jams. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. "Make Me" open up the EP with a highly melodic Punk sound that brings to mind a dash of early Green Day. The track is infectious and a solid opener overall. "Twitch" starts off slow but picks up and levels off in a melodic chorus that will attract Pop Punk fans in droves. The track is a perfect example of the catchy Punk influenced Alternative Rock that Willow Bay are able to create. There's a Weezer influence on the track also. "Cold and Alone" slows things down a bit and the passion really seeps out. The track is a more of a ballad than their previous tracks but it's just as powerful in its own way. Lighters will be in the sky for sure with the live rendition. "Count Your Lives" kicks up the pace back up and elevates the EP to new heights. The riffing on the track combined with the melodic Punk Rock vocals make it a stand out track. "Orion's Belt" starts off with a wonderful guitar riff before erupting into chaos in all the right way. The roller coaster sound of the track does more than enough to separate itself from the previous tracks and should be a fan favorite. "Misanthropy" is track that when its firing on all cylinders is a real treat to listen to. The Punk tendencies on the track are really outstanding and are very natural sounding. "Tyrant" blows the doors off the EP and with it being the closer, only makes the listener crave for even more. Seven songs is hardly enough so do yourself a favor and keep your eyes and ears on Willow Bay if you're a fan of Punk music.

Willow Bay's EP will definitely get stuck in your ear in all the best ways with their form of Alternative Punk.