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"To Tell You The Truth"/"Starlight" Double Single Review New Zealand rockers Written By Wolves over the past year have released some Rock gems such as "Genius", "Timebombs & Hurricanes" and now their new double single "To Tell You The Truth"/"Starlight" intends takes the sound to the upper echelon of Rock music. The track "To Tell You The Truth" sets the stage off the bat with an amplifying arena Rock sound that captivates the listener as it builds into an explosion of melody. The guitar riffs and backing vocals add a dynamic that is barely touched now here in the US Rock music scene. It's a highly infectious track and will sure be a fan favorite right away. The "Starlight" single is a tad harder than the previous track and has more traces of Electronic to it. There's a slight modern Enter Shikari vibe to the track. There's an Electronic breakdown later in the track that showcases the Enter Shikari vibe perfectly. The chorus and instrumentation is highly melodic and is a good high energy track to pair with the previous single. They once deemed their sound as "Cinematic Rock" as they effortlessly mesh together Rock, Electronic, Alternative and Pop music. The results are an outstanding sound that is hard to stop listen to.

Written By Wolves continue to have a flair for creating Rock radio hits.