9 Realms

9 Realms (Metal) - Virginia

Spawned in a backyard bbq in late 2018, born in a basement January 2021, fully matured and terrorizing it's parents since November 2021, 9 Realms are a collection of seasoned metal musicians, united in brotherhood to unleash upon the world their brand of blended Deathcore, Thrash, pure yet Blackened Virginia swamp Metal.

"Den of Iniquity" Single Review
The track kicks up some good ol' groovy Sludge riddled Metal to start things off. The dark, broody nature of the vocals and riffs set an ominioius tone off the bat. As the crunch gets heavier and heavier, the track blazes forward with speedier riffage and more Thrash like tendencies. The swirling riffs and circle pit breakdowns around teh two minute mark take over. The adrenaline pumping pace doesn't slow down as the runaway freight train nature of the track holds firm at a fast clip. The three and a half minute mark sees a massive breakdown that'll move the live crowd for sure. Just when the listener thinks the track is over, the ending goes all out with its instrumentation to close out the single.