Awaken From Ruin

Awaken From Ruin (Metal) - Everett, Pennsylvania

Hailing from Everett, PA, Awaken From Ruin is comprised of five members, consisting of Joe Smith on lead vocals, Corey Colledge on bass. David Grant on drums and clean vocals, Logan Yablonski on guitar, and Cody Hoover on guitar. The group began their journey with Josh Bollman on guitar, but parted ways with him in the Summer of 2015, at which point Yablonski filled in full time. Smith, Colledge, Yablonski, and Grant set out to record an EP with the help of their close friend, recording specialist, and newest member, Cody Hoover at Pitt Street Studio. This self-titled EP, consisting of heavy-hitters such as,"Carl," and, "Destruction Site," was released just prior to their first gig with Yablonski on guitar on Halloween of '15.

Since their debut independent release, Awaken From Ruin has been on the campaign trail, trekking from one end of their home state to the other, hitting the pavement and spreading their music as far and wide as possible. They have crossed paths with established acts such as Skinbound from Buffalo, NY, as well as PA's own Rivers Of Nihil.

Awaken From Ruin shows no signs of stopping there as they push on, full speed, into 2016, having even picked up a sponsorship from Coldcock Whiskey this past January. With a mix of hard-hitting, skull crushing verses amidst melodic and heart-felt choruses, there's something for everyone and so much more to come. Stay tuned.

We are built on the carnage that pours from the very minds that surround us all. We respect until disrespected, then we become the destroyers of the self-interested, the partisans of oppressors, and the survivors of decimation. Drink well and live with Doogulls.

Upcoming Shows:
4/21/17 - MJ's Pub - Martinsburg, WV

"Part II: The Prelude" EP Review
Awaken From Ruin are an up and coming Metal band from Everett, Pennsylvania that recently released this seven track EP. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. "Within The Fire" opens up the EP with a marching vibe before breaking into melody and a brilliant guitar solo. It's the calm before the onslaught of what's about to take place. "Oblivion" kicks into high gear with a Thrash/Death Metal style that brings to mind Black Dahlia Murder or early Bring Me The Horizon. The clean sung chorus helps elevate the track to an even higher level and has a certain Sea Of Treachery/I Killed The Prom Queen influence to it. The guitar solo on the track is out of this world and the end breakdown is pulverizing. "Entitled" comes in with early Atreyu melody and brutality. The track is outstanding and any fan of Melodic Metal will eat this up. The end breakdown on the track is just total bonkers. "Sherman" has early Parkway Drive qualities to it as it takes a sledgehammer to the door of Metal. It's heavy as hell. The soaring melody on the track helps build depth, resulting in a highly listenable Metal track. Brilliant guitar work and destructive breakdowns are par for the course with the song as well. "Endless" features a Southern Metal style to it. There seems to be a Pantera vibe while still mixing their own signature sound to it. It's a bit of an anomaly of a track as it has a slightly different sound than the previous tracks. The track makes it all worth it with its perfectly blend of melody and devastation. "Rise" has shades of early Slipknot as it blasts full speed ahead and only stops for brief moments as the soaring chorus takes flight. "The Horde" closes out the EP with a slow sludge of a track that brings to mind Lamb Of God with its intensity. It's a heavy way to close out an incredible EP.

Awaken From Ruin have an EP here that's filled with all kinds of chaotic Metal fun.