Choir Of Babble

Choir Of Babble (Rock) - Macon, Georgia

Choir of Babble, formed in the late winter of 2016, creates a unique sound that offers infectious and haunting melodies with honest lyrics. They deliver high energy live shows with dynamic intimacy that will leave you wanting more.

Upcoming Shows:
9/20/19 - Roco's Bar - Bonaire, GA

"The Weight To Faith" Album Review
After their tremendous EP, Choir Of Babble are back with a full fledged album this time. How does it fare? Let's find out in our newest review. The single "Not In My Kingdom You Don't" is first up. The track starts things off with a Dredg like sound. The instrumentation glides with ease as the haunting vocals seem to whisper in and out. It's quite the opener and should give a good indication of what the band is all about. "The Idiot" is a bit more timid as the Radiohead influences come into play. It's moody track just to get lost in. "Confess The Flesh" picks the energy back up. The Rock sound has excellent depth and brings to mind Nirvana with its grit. "Peaceful Prey" is a slow burn of a track. It'll be a hit with fans who just want to have something soothing to listen to. The instrumentation takes to the forefront again for the next track "Yeah Right". The more upbeat Rock sound is a nice change of pace but we yearn for more vocals at times. "Buoyancy" is another long track that'll bring up Radiohead comparisons with a doubt. "Phosphene" goes a little bit more in a wild direction but still keeps everything in a controlled chaos for the most part. "Cruel Salvation" is nine and a half minutes of awesomeness. The track just needs to be heard to be believed. There's so much to like as it churns up different styles in a seamless way. "Buried In A Body" has those Nirvana influences in full force. The track takes off towards the end but the listener might be expecting a little more to the eruption of sound. "A Witness To Mercy" is a slower track that helps bridge the gap for the last two tracks. "Trophy Children" is upbeat and fantastic. The energy on the track is infectious and extremely dance-able. Celebration" closes out the album with a somber Rock sound that will make the listener reach for the repeat button. Make no mistake, this album is a long wonderful journey through the Rock stylings of the amazing band that is Choir Of Babble.

Choir Of Babble's new release is a masterpiece of a Rock album.

"Choir Of Babble" EP Review
Georgia based Rockers Choir Of Babble released this EP last year so let;s go back and see what they're all about. They describe their sound as "offering infectious and haunting melodies with honest lyrics while delivering a highly energetic and intimate live show." Let's dive in and see if they can back it up that description. "Life On Earth" opens up the EP with riffs galore. The high tempo brings energy right from the get go. There's a Nirvana intensity in its delivery while still maintaining a more modern Rock edge. It's quite the opening track to attract the listener. "Ants In Line" charges forward and ups the ante with more melody and more infectious riffs. There's a Foo Fighters ease to the track as it's incredible easy to listen to."Manmademen" is probably the most Radiohead track on the EP. The track floats onward with a more spacey Rock sound to showcase more experimental depth than the previous tracks. "Sunday School" closes out the EP with a passion that is rarely heard in a Rock track. The track is five minutes of controlled emotion that has to be heard to be believed. The EP overall has a sound that's hard to ignore. The band brings a ton to the table of the Rock world. Don't hesitate, check these guys out as soon as you can!

Choir Of Babble conjure up a Rock sound that's hard to ignore.