Cirka:Sik (Chaotic Metal) - Nevada

Unorthodox and chaotic on stage while performing difficult written songs with precision.

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"Black Out" EP Review
The opener "Twins" comes out swinging. The instrumentation takes hold and pulverizes everything in its path. There's some technicality behind it and brings with it shades of Blood Has Been Shed. "Dirt" opens with a solid bass line before erupting with a wall of sound that Converge fans would love. Once it steadies out, it falls into a more Shadows Fall range with its more Metal foundation. "Drunk Pilots" is six minutes of an all out audio assault. The track shows tremendous range and depth with its twists and turns. "Alphanumerical" is another six minute track but seems to go together with the previous track. It follows the same twists and turns but adds a few wrinkles here and there for sure to keep things interesting during its length. The closer "Toona" has a bit of Dog Fashion Disco to it with its dynamic range. It's heavier for sure when it lets loose but sometimes it dips down and goes a bit more controlled. The end of the track features melodic instrumentation that conjures up past early 00 melodic hardcore band interludes before blasting back in with passionate vocals and intense instrumentation.

Cirka:Sik brings the chaos with their newest EP.