Coattails (Rock) - Austin, Texas

Coattails are a Rock & Roll experience based in Austin, Texas.

Founded in 2013 and incorporating elements from late-60's rock-n-roll pioneers, garage rock, and early delta blues; a selfless, collaborative writing process has afforded Coattails the opportunity to carve out a sound that's not only aggressive and uplifting, but also nocturnal and powerful.

With a burning sense of purpose, the members of Coattails have made a commitment to one another, to their art, and to their friends and fans as a means of producing the best possible representation of their musical selves.

Commitment to craft maintains their bearing, expansion of influence fuels their passion. As a follow up to their eponymous 2016 LP Coattails, their 2018 EP release Imaginary Friends fuses all of their energies into a concise six song parcel bringing all the flavors of what Coattails were, are, and will be

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"Imaginary Friends" EP Review
The opener "Waves" takes a bit to get going but once it does, it's a more Radiohead-esque experimental Rock style. The track is methodical in its melody and riffs to create an atmospheric track that really draws in the listener. "Chasing Light" is a bit more subdued and features an older throwback Rock style. The Mumford and Sons type vibes is a change of pace but shows off the range of the band perfectly. "Clocks & Knives" is a nice chilled back, radio friendly Rock track. The overpowering riff throughout the track is catchy enough to get hooked to very easily. The guitar solo is excellent as well. "Waste Of Time" is methodical in its approach. The delivery is more akin to the opener and features haunting vocals and melodies that glides along effortlessly. "Cold Feet" cranks up the enery level quite a bit. The track will get the live crowd moving around, dancing and singing along in no time. It's upbeat in all the right ways and has single written all over it. The closer "Roll Me In The Fire" is two miutes of Rock n Roll fire. It's an awesome way to go out on and really leaves the listener salivating for more.

Coattails sets the bar high for Rock music with their recent "Imaginary Friends" EP.