Coattails (Rock) - Austin, Texas

Coattails are a Rock & Roll experience based in Austin, Texas.

Founded in 2013 and incorporating elements from late-60's rock-n-roll pioneers, garage rock, and early delta blues; a selfless, collaborative writing process has afforded Coattails the opportunity to carve out a sound that's not only aggressive and uplifting, but also nocturnal and powerful.

With a burning sense of purpose, the members of Coattails have made a commitment to one another, to their art, and to their friends and fans as a means of producing the best possible representation of their musical selves.

Commitment to craft maintains their bearing, expansion of influence fuels their passion. As a follow up to their eponymous 2016 LP Coattails, their 2018 EP release Imaginary Friends fuses all of their energies into a concise six song parcel bringing all the flavors of what Coattails were, are, and will be

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