Contending (Metalcore) - Culpeper, Virginia

“Awake. For a moment, time is unexpectedly frozen, like the grass during an early fall daybreak; the fog of my memory holds of the darkness of reality. Is this real or is this fake? The beauty of fog is solitude – its gentle embrace is carelessly there for my own sake.” Contending - Silence of it All

Everyone has a story, an experience, an encounter that they carry with them, be it joyous or burdening. Contending takes these marks from the past to shape the foundation of their music; their story. A faith-based metalcore band out of Culpeper, Virginia, Contending lashes out with energy, passion, and musical complexity.

Contending carries a mission - to bring awareness to the painful reality of PTSD, depression, and suicide, of which many of the band members have struggled with. Contending wishes to take these painful experiences and put them to music, not just as a means of expression, but also to help those who have similar challenges by being a voice in the silence.

We don't know your pain, but we know pain; You're not alone.

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"From Ashes" EP Review
Contending are a band with a ton of hype behind them. Their single "Silence Of It All" got people excited and now with their EP released, let's check it out and see how it stacks up. The opening track "Ex Cinere" has a symphonic sound to it as its purely instrumental with a ton of depth. The piano and atmosphere build to sirens which leads into the next track "The Storm". "The Storm" starts off extremely melodic and almost radio Rock like before tearing into a onslaught of Metal which brings to mind early Killswitch Engage. The two step breakdown is a nice touch on the track. The melodic chorus soars and the track has a nice balance of heavy and soft to it. "The Calling" kicks right in with some Bullet For My Valentine tendencies. The cleans mixed with the harsh vocals coupled with the ferocious breakdowns will surely make it a fan favorite. The track is extremely melodic while still having the bite to it. "Silence Of It All" starts off with some strong drums before erupting into a ferocious breakdown. Melodic vocals take over and drives the track into a more Parkway Drive territory. The highly melodic chorus of the track soars with confidence and complexity. The track comes back down with a fury that's unmatched. The melodic verse keeps things going at a good pace before giving away to Feed Her To The Sharks type carnage. The chorus kicks in once again and is the calm before the storm. The storm is an earth shattering breakdown to close out the track. The closing track "Footprints" is a ballad through and through. Get your lighters out because they close out the EP with a highly emotional track that'll pull at the heartstrings. The track is an awesome way to close out an incredible EP.

Contending bring a fresh take on the Metalcore scene with their new EP.

-Interview- (7/22/18)