Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning (Metal) - Columbus, GA

Fighting their way through a World in Flames. Dead Reckoning is an American Metal band on a mission! Formed in Columbus GA late 2012 with a vision to fuse the many sub genres of metal into one unstoppable force! The quartet is now preparing for the release of their upcoming album Rise of the Fallen and several subsequent U.S Tour!

Originally formed by guitarist Mike “K-OS” Spriggs, at the time an Active duty soldier, the band has fought hard to keep a military-like sense of pride! Now with bassist Brian “Brayne” Silverstein, drummer Ryan Lake and lead vocalist Jeffery “JP” Pryor the band takes the heavier edge bringing back shredding guitar, thundering bass, dynamic drums and unique and powerful vocals with a high energy live show that takes metal back to its kick ass roots while charging into a new era of brutality.

Upcoming Shows:
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"Rise Of The Fallen" Album Review
Dead Reckoning are a wrecking ball of Pure Metal from Georgia who have erupted onto the scene with their new full length album "Rise Of The Fallen". Let's take a gander of what they offer up. The opener "Edge Of The Dead" is an instrumental track that's a minute and a half long that builds anticipation by way of heaviness. "The Cage" has Thrash tendencies from the get go. It's fast, unrelenting and really sets things off right. "Greed" will get the pits moving in no time. The energy and devastation is something truly remarkable that the track conjures up. "Defiance" is easy to get into and will have listeners chanting along with the chorus. The instrumentation goes along at breakneck speed and doesn't let up. The title track "Rise Of The Fallen" is next and it doesn't disappoint. The track is a headbangers dream track. The breakdowns, riffs and vocals are top notch and go head to head with the big boys of the genre with ease. "World In Flames" keeps the pace moving along at a high gear. The track is heavy in all facets and should appease Metal fans with ease with its early Killswitch Engage sound. "Decimation" does exactly what it sets out to do, it decimates everything in its path. Besides the opening intro track, "S.D.F. (The Heathen Horde)" is the shortest track on the album, clocking in at a (surely not a coincidence) four minute and twenty second length. The track (pun intended) blazes forward with an intensity that not many acts can keep up this late in an album. "Sinner" has a controlled chaos to it. When it unleashes fury, it does so in a methodical way that's layered in ways that'll make you reach for the repeat button soon after. "Don't Turn Your Back" is outstanding. It needs to be heard to be believed how special it is. "Enraged" is another top notch track that takes a sledgehammer to the notion that they'd be slowing down this late on the album. The intensity is at an all time high on the track. The closing track/single "Forgotten Dead" starts off with a lengthy audio clip of Ronald Reagan's speech to start off the track, it really ramps up with instrumentation that backs the clip. Nearly two minutes later, the clip gives way to the devastation that the band lays down via a crushing breakdown akin to early Lamb Of God. The blazing riffs keep coming at a full clip as the brash vocals keep things going strong. Halfway in, the track takes a turn with an incredible breakdown and even more amazing guitar solo. Six and a half minutes of outstanding Metal is what Dead Reckoning bring to the table. This album is chock full of Metal goodness.

Dead Reckoning cement their place alongside the heavy hitters of the genre with their new full length album.

-Interview- (11/13/19)
1. What's new with the band?

When we got back from the last leg of our tour we made the decision to get back to writing. We had to take so much time getting "Rise of the Fallen" ready that we are very ready for new material. So we are now working hard for new album which we should have details soon on it!

2. What can you tell us about the new music?

One thing is for sure, we are pushing ourselves harder than ever on this album! We are trying to bring new ideas we haven't done and really try and give all we can to all of our amazing fans!

3. Do you have any pre-show rituals? If so, what are they?

Honestly I don't think so haha, we all stretch and go over changes moments before we go on. One good fist bump and we are ready to throw down with everyone!

4. What's one highlight in the past year for the band?

For us the highlight would be doing a 30 day tour successfully all on our own. Most bands that tour like us have labels support and a lot of backing. We have nothing. So for us to get out there and tour we are giving up alot and really just hoping we make a good enough impression that we can see you guys again. It's a lot harder than most people think but we love it!

5. What's one thing you'd change about the local music scene?

Thats a loaded question haha, one big one id say is supporting each other. Most think we are always competing with each other when in reality we shouldn't be competing in any way we should be helping one another. Band together and take over the world!!!

6. What are you currently listening to?

At this very second I'm listening to Joe Rogan podcast. But last song I'm really digging is still the new Killswitch Engage!!!

7. What do you think about streaming services and how they pay out royalties to artists?

We do use them all. I have a love/hate with them. On one hand I love the fact that I can now reach many many more people that I wouldn't normally be able to reach. But the pay is ridiculous. You have to literally be Slipknot to make anything and thats just not right. Artists of all kinds should be recognized better.

8. What do you wish to accomplish in the next year?

We are looking to release the new album and tour the US once again! Also have had some talk in a European offer so if we can get that off the ground we would be more than stoked!!! We are very excited for the next 2 years at minimum and seeing how far we can push our dreams around the world.

-Interview- (1/16/19)
1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Dead Reckoning" and is there any meaning behind it?

I got started in music very young, my father played guitar and had it in my hands as soon as I could hold it haha. I slowly developed my sound which you hear in most of the songs on Rise of the Fallen with tons of experimenting. Unlike most metalheads I like almost all the sub genres so mixing ideas to me became a big deal. The name Dead Reckoning is a military term in land navigation. When I formed the band 3 of us were all active duty Army so it was important to keep the ideals we had. So we look at Dead Reckoning as basically our direction to push forward and make sure everyone hears what we have to offer!

2. What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want people to just have a killer time! Mosh or throw down in whatever way you like to or just set there and watch us do what we do. But at the end of the day come and relax and forget your problems! A lot of this album is focused on problems we face day to day in life!

3. How would you describe your sound to the average listener?

It’s a mix of many metal sub genres. If you don’t like one song we have wait till the next one and the odds are we will get you with one of them! We like to think we are mix of bands like Lamb of God, Slayer, BLS and any other band that just likes to kick your teeth in and throw down! We are known for our live performance, you wont see us just standing around we try to bring you a show!

4. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

We have luckily played with some of our idols, but touring would be our biggest dream with these bands like Lamb of God, Whitechapel, Devil Driver Etc. Playing one show is fun and all but we would be honored to learn from these guys and push ourselves even further with their help!

5. What are your three desert island albums that you'd never get tired of listening to?

For me 3 albums I couldn’t live without would probably be…. As the Palaces Burn. Lamb of God. Master of Puppets by Metallica and just so I can have something different lets go with Girls,Girls,Girls by Motley Crue! All killer albums in their own right, different ideas of metal at different times! Love them!

6. What’s your take on the current state of Metal?

Honestly I see it getting better than it has been in the last 10 years or so. Who knows if it will ever reach great heights like it was in 80s and 90s but I still see it as an amazing community that im honored to be apart of. If bands will band together and help one another more often instead of only looking out for themselves we could build it strong as it can be. But the days of the million dollar record contracts is long gone, we have to do it alone almost!!!

7. What’s the current music scene like there in Georgia both locally and state wide?

Unfortunately what we would call local is not a thing, metal is too heavy for this town these days or clubs I should say and whats sad is we are part of an Army base with soldiers I know want metal. As a state they have high times where several shows will do amazingly but then something happens and they fall dead again. Might be a promotional problem because there are soooo many ways to reach people its almost impossible to find everyone in one or two places. Years ago we had one or 2 radio stations and you could see flyers up on walls but no people don’t even look at the flyers on the walls because they are on their phones…..This is why we are pushing to be a national touring band because we honestly have more success on the road!

8. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

I have always been against this, but I'm hoping with the new rules signed for streaming services and all soon we will start seeing some type of change. Funny all of us laughed at Lars from Metallica over Napster and he was sadly right.

9. What’s next for Dead Reckoning?

Now that we just released Rise of the Fallen and we now have what we call the final lineup. We have a ton of goals. Mainly start pushing our touring harder and harder, this year we are shooting for minimum 3 National tours where we hit all lower 48 states. We also are talking with a friend that is a label owner and with his help we can open the Mexico and European market up to us which is very exciting. And more exciting to us is just writing music again, we put a hold on all that to release Rise of the Fallen so we could get away from the older music and start working towards the new us! So we are very excited in what 2019 and 2020 have in store for us and we will be pushing hard!!!

10. Any shoutouts?

I just wanna say thank you to all the people who have helped us get this far! We have had people donate money to help us get big name shows and we have had some amazing people join the Dead Army over the years! So to all of you!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will be busting our butts to tour to an area near you and new music on the horizon! Love you all!!!! \m/