Deceiving The Spectre

Deceiving The Spectre (Metal) - Ohio

Deceiving The Spectre is a four piece metal band bringing the heavy straight from Southern Ohio. Energetic, haunting, groovy and relentless. Our brand of brutality has it's own unique feel that you must witness for yourself.

"Still Breathing" Single Review
The track kicks off with a slower Metal like breakdown to build a more methodical pace akin to early Emmure. The track sludges on with its first verse which is mostly Deathcore as the harsh lyrics and downtempo breakdowns take center stage. Around the three minute mark, it switches things up with a more destructive breakdown as it veers into the end mark and then fades out.

Deceiving The Spectre chug forward with their devastating Metal sound.

"You Did It To Yourself" Album Review
The opening track "Jaw Break Lake" goes straight for the jugular. The track speeds full speed ahead in its two minute timeframe and doesn't let up. It's heavy, fast and grabs the attention of the listener from the get go. "Dead Eyes" kicks things off with a solid breakdown to get the live pits moving. The track is like a runaway freight train of Metal as it shreds with its high octane aggression. "Fickle Bitch" has a bit of Blood Has Been Shed to it. The breakdowns and intensity are top notch as the drums take the forefront at times along with its almost chant like chorus. "Genuine Dread (It's Your Turn To Be Afraid)" starts off more Sludge like until it blasts off and destroys everything in its path with its riffs and natural heaviness. "Hated Reflection" builds a sense of atmosphere at the beginning before building up to a more Groove Metal like sound. The track takes its time and has a bit more melody to it than the previous tracks. "Black Blood" is methdocial in its approach. The track dips down and focuses on the pacing which lets loose at times but doesn't get ahead of itself. The breakdowns are concentrated doses of carnage and hit super heavy when unleashed. "Preacher" is straight to the point awesome. The track glides effortlessly along the heavy path and has tons of depth in its delivery. "Seer" closes out the album with a summary of everything the band are about. The carnage and destruction that they leave behind is a true testament to the talents they bring to the Metal genre as a whole. Such a promising album from some extremely talented up and comers.

Deceiving The Spectre set their sights on annihilation with their newest album.