Die With Nature

Die With Nature (Doom/Psychedelic Rock) - Mississippi

Die With Nature is a heavy rock band from Jackson, MS blending elements of doom/stoner rock, psychedelia, punk, and grunge together to make an interesting collection of sounds. Starting this project with humble beginnings in a cramped 9x13 room in a mobile home as their jam space, they experimented with what was at their disposal: A Frankenstein'd amp setup, an early 70's Guild guitar, an electronic drum set, and an abundance of fuzz pedals. They got to work creating song structures and lyrical landscapes while slowly upgrading their gear, switching to acoustic drums, and eventually leaving the small room for a much needed larger room. This change brought about meeting new people in the building they started to practice in and led to a great friendship with a sound engineer who ended up recording their first, self-titled EP as well as their latest EP, "The Farm". They also have joined forces with heavy rock band IDLE from MS, no longer being a two-piece band and ready to delve into the heavy sonic depths that their talents will add to songs as well as creative inputs.