Dishonor the Martyr

Dishonor the Martyr (Metalcore) - North Carolina

A Metalcore project from Benson, North Carolina started in 2020 by lead vocalist Robin Burnette, DTM blends melodic solos, heavy breakdowns, driven verses and catchy clean melodic choruses. Writing songs that target mental health, vocalist Robin Burnette has stated that his aim is to reach people who struggle with a variety of problems to let them know they aren't alone in how they feel. DTM's debut record titled INCEPTION was released August 6th 2020 and has spawned two popular singles, "Anxiety Kills, Right? Feat. Jake Shaw of Defiler" and "I Will Not Say Goodbye". With just these two singles alone, Dishonor the Martyr have made it clear that Inception is just the beginning.

-Interview- (12/15/21)